๐Ÿš“ White House Farm – Documentary Dramatization – Netflix – Episode 2 ๐Ÿš“

White House Farm โ€“ 6 Part Documentary Dramatization = Netflix

Part 2

Iโ€™m fascinated by the 80s view of schizophrenia and the belief that mixing that condition with drugs would 100% make them violent. I donโ€™t even know myself if that statement was ever true, but schizophrenia, like many mental issues belongs on a very wide and varied scale that will never fully make sense to those that havenโ€™t experienced it first-hand.

It is completely plausible to me, the amount of theories and questions the public had surrounding this unpleasant event. With police not being forthcoming โ€“ in terms of not giving information away โ€“ it would have been easy for wires to become crossed. The portrayal of those in charge from the police force, sets them up as uncaring, arrogant bastards and while Iโ€™m sure there are people that fit that mold, I canโ€™t be for certain that those involved on this case were actually like that.

I might be completely out of it, but did the police use to burn evidence? I tried to google it but google was unhelpful. However, watching the scene where all the bedding and the mattresses with all the blood on them being burned in a pit outside the front of the house is completely mind-boggling to me and just seems totally ridiculous. Even in the 80s there would have been tests available to help in the testing of evidence. Is this really something that was done? Help me please, educate me!

Cousin Ann โ€“ hallelujah โ€“ another one with a brain and independent eyes.

Whenever I see a crime featured on the news I always try and be objective about it. Youโ€™re never going to know all sides of the story, so I try very hard not to judge people until I have learned the sufficient facts to make my own judgement on things. Yes, I am influenced by reading crime and thriller books and by watching the same genre TV shows. However, I know the line of both books and TV can blur between what can actually happen and what is pure fiction.

I cannot explain fully the feeling when watching this. From the very first minute you are set up to know that there is something wrong. Between the picturesque shots of landscape, to the quiet calming music, the characters are portrayed brilliantly and hopefully โ€“ close to the true versions โ€“ but at no point so far have I felt sure of the facts that are being presented to me. I have always felt at odds with the facts, believing rightly or wrongly that something is missing. It was as obvious to me as it is knowing what will happen at the end of a book from the first page! BUT, putting myself in the shoes of the investigators, would I have had the mindset to see something else or would I only have seen what was presented to me? I donโ€™t know.

I need to take a moment to talk about Juneโ€™s dog. WTH happened there!?!?! So many questions and not enough answers. I know what I think and the reasons behind those thoughts but are those the same thoughts as the reality of the situation? Or something more?

By the way, has anyone else watched this documentary dramatization? Or just me?

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