🚓 White House Farm – Documentary Dramatization – Netflix – Episode 4 🚓

White House Farm – 6 Part Documentary Dramatization = Netflix

Part 4

The first part of episode 4 shows Jeremy in a horrible light. It puts forth everything that, as a viewer, you have thought about the man and it’s almost like it’s joking with your theories by putting them all in play in one short section. This is understandably an emotional episode because it deals with the funerals of the victims, but it also goes a long way to show a different side of Jeremy, perhaps the side that the viewer has suspected for so long. I felt, almost sickly watching this episode, like something unpleasant was crawling down my neck.

The funeral was creepy to watch, not because it was emotional, but because it was so intense in personal behaviour and actions. It was filmed in such a grim light and shown, not in a well-rounded view, but in segmented parts that only related to the characters focused upon. I can understand why they filmed it that way, but it just filled me with a sense of ‘impending doom’ and filled me with adrenaline I didn’t know what to do with.

I didn’t write as much for this episode as I did for the 3 before it. I was very engrossed in what was happening and focused in order to not miss anything. I did feel like this episode showed more vulnerability to the people involved and gave more guesses to what direction the case was going to and how it would meet it’s climax.

The episode ends with Julie contacting the sergeant after all and it seemed fitting for it to happen when it did. I did brief myself a little on Julie after I finished watching this episode and I can now see why they left her until the closing scene because it makes such a big impact to see her sitting there in the interrogation room.

Still going with my open mind, Jeremy is still the front runner for my assumptions of the murderer. Once I have finished the documentary dramatized series, I’m going to fully read the Wikipedia page on the White House Farm murders and see how much of my theories were true according to what happened and how much of my theories were based on parts ‘added for dramatization’.

I was going to take a break after the 4th episode and perhaps do something else or watch something else, but the ending of this episode caught my curiosity, and so, I delve straight into episode 5!

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