📖Marks of the Mazza by Blake Blessing

I was just minding my own business, trying to win in life (while in reality just barely passing) when I discovered the existence of a secret race, who think I’m the answer to their prayers.

The Mazza, they called me. Someone who bears the marks of all four houses of this mysterious people, holding untold powers. Every time a Mazza has appeared in their history it has signaled great change. Change they so desperately need when they are on the brink of war.

Their savior. Their Messiah.

More like scale tipper for whatever side holds the Mazza. I just wish I knew what this war is about and who the players are. Everyone is out to get me, manipulate me, own me.

Navigating the minefield I just stumbled into could very well cost me my life. Good thing I stumbled into a mistaken Uber full of men of said race who I can trust to help me navigate my new normal. Or can I?

So, for a while now TikTok has been heavily promoting book excepts on my fyp and I usually ignore them but I decided on a whim to see what all the fuss was about.

So I downloaded this book after it appeared on my fyp and I read it in 2 hours.

In my opinion it isn’t a well written book. I think it is probably self-published and there is definitely room for a lot of improvement. The plot leans into that supernatural/paranormal trope that is very popular in books today. The ‘fae’ being the man of choice here.

As I was reading, I was thinking, if this book had been written by someone like Sarah J. Maas, it would have been epic as she would have known how to draw things out and develop the characters in line with the plot.

The book is only 274 pages and the plot moves in an incredibly fast pace. Between the main character Isolde meeting the strange group of men, to being kidnapped by others, there isn’t a lot that goes on between those pages other than A LOT of heavy smut.

I also found Isolde’s character to be too placid. She only had fleeting emotions concerning the change of events to her life and generally went with the flow without feeling any particular emotion. She’s very docile with the other characters and that did irk me in some way. The four main male characters have more backstory than she does and that didn’t sit well with me. There was also no breaks in the storyline to discuss what was happening or any transitions between the action points.

I walked into reading this with an open mind. So I fully expected to be completely disappointed with the read. I find myself slightly at odds because there was so much here that I didn’t like but somehow the base plot just managed to save the experience.

Good plot idea but bad execution.

I might be shooting myself in the foot here but there are 2 more books in this series. I’m going to read them, see if the writing improves at all…and…hope I can get a sense of the plots trajectory around all the smuttiness.

I give this book a generous: ✨✨✨

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