📖Bonds of the Mazza by Blake Blessing

onded. Kidnapped. Attacked.

What just freaking happened?

Since I jumped into an Uber full of hot men, I’ve discovered I am this fated Mazza that was revered and feared among the Fennin people. Bonded, kidnapped and attacked. I’m navigating a new world with enemies everywhere, and everyone is suspect. This isn’t exactly the life I saw for myself, but I can’t quite bring myself to regret it.

Now my Lusty Legion and I are heading into Fennina to discover exactly who is behind the mysterious attacks. Only, there’s no evidence; only dead ends.

To keep everyone safe, I need to complete my bonds. The one thing I’m asking for myself is that my bonds be formed out of love. But what happens when that may not be an option anymore? To keep everyone safe, I just might have to bond out of necessity. But who?

With the fate of both realms hanging in the balance, I’m trying and failing to make progress with my Lusty Legion. The only hope for our people is to play the game better than everyone else.

Hopefully, it won’t tear us apart in the process.

Ok, here me out, I know I was less that complimentary about the first book but I’m glad I set myself up to read the whole series because this book actually held a lot more promise and that immerging plot, I’d seen peeking out had more time to flourish.

In this book we move to the Fennin world, and it was interesting to see how it had been created and how it differed from the human world. There were a couple of new characters introduced, the one who spent the most time in the pages was Cabbie – the owner of a ‘pleasure house’ – and we also reconnected with other suspicious characters from book 1.

This book rates a little higher than the first because the plot was more present while reading and there was a definite sense of grounding in where the plot wanted to go and how it would get there.

I do think though, that there is a vast chasm of space where character development and time spacing is required. Much like in book 1, the events of this book happen extraordinarily fast. If I estimated it correctly, this books events take place over 1 week…7 days!

Perhaps I am more used to slow building fantasy fiction but something about the abruptly quick pace of the plot as well as the lack of transitions between different scenes is something I find incredibly jarring.

The above is a problem I see more in fan fictions and in self-published authors. I think it’s more of an underdeveloped skill. The more you write, the more you learn about what works in a novel. I just don’t think the author has reached all corners of the bag in terms of the points I’ve talked about above.

Reverse Harem isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a plot driver that I have seen A LOT in fan fiction already. I completely understand why it works. I think part of the problem I’m having with this series is that I don’t know much about the harem – Nato, Jari, Egan, and Sage. The first book events only seemed to occur in a week also.

I think I would be more endeared to the characters and the plot if I had more of an understanding of the characters and the actions they took. Just because the main character Isolde doesn’t know them well doesn’t mean that the reader should be left out of the picture also.

I’m assuming that this is a trilogy, but I guess I shall find that out when I read book 3.

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨

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