📖Solitary Sinners (Saint View Prison Book 2) by Elle Thorpe

In the middle of a prison riot, the psychopath who murdered my sister holds me hostage. Soulless eyes black, bloodied knife in his hand, my name a whispered threat on his lips.

My only hope is the three men fighting for my heart…and their lives.

Separated in the chaos, flames surround Rowe, the growly prison guard who acts like he hates me but always has my back.

Liam, my lawyer on the outside. I’ve only just realized the depth of my feelings for the boy I once despised in high school. I dragged him into all of this and now I need his help more than ever.

And cornered by violent criminals is Heath, the prisoner I’ve fallen for more with every day he’s been incarcerated. I know he’s innocent and I’m here to prove it, but I won’t get the chance if he doesn’t make it through the riot with his life.

I came here for one thing but with new prisoners comes new threats. As sins are exposed and secrets unravel, one thing becomes apparent.

The killer may not be as obvious as the man with his fingers wrapped around my throat.

Didn’t know it was going to be a day where I read two books! But turned out it was.

I read this book right off the back of reading the first because I needed to know how things panned out from the cliffhanger left at the end of the first book.

I think this book moved at a quicker pace. I seemed to finish it in no time at all and unlike the first book where I felt that things were moving steadily, this book made it seem a little rushed. It didn’t seem like a lot of days had passed between the beginning of this book and the ending.

Today as I write this I have a stonker of a migraine, a combination of having to get up early and the thunder/rain that has it in the wake of the heatwave in the UK. That combination is perfect migraine weather for me. I was hoping I’d get to read the last of the trilogy today but I’ll have to see how my eyes are!

They dynamics of the foursome kept changing in this book There were developing ties to each of them both together and separately and there was definitely more that was left unsaid. I have to remind myself that this is a smutty romance and deeply exploring the backstories of each character isn’t necessarily high up on the pole when it comes to writing these sorts of books.

There was more smut in this book than the first. I’d rate it a solid 7 on the smut scale. Nothing too dangerous or naughty, just more of it within the pages of the book.

Based on the events of this book I find it very hard to see whether the final book will be able to end positively. I hold out hope but I am uncertain of which way the plot will go. I am enjoying the adrenaline rush of reading and the twists the story has incorporated. It was a quick and light read.

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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