📖The Clifftop Murders (Dorset Crime Book 2) By Rachel McLean

DCI Lesley Clarke is settling into her new job in Dorset’s Major Crimes Unit, and becoming accustomed to a slower pace of life.

But then she’s called in to solve the murder of a woman with links to Lesley’s new girlfriend.

Has Lesley made a grave error of judgement? Can she track down the killer or does she already know her? And how will Lesley’s new colleagues react when she tells them she’s dating a suspect?

I didn’t feel like reading more smutty romance and instead turned my head back to some crime. This is the second book in the series, and I tend to hold the second book of a series to higher standards than others.

Second books, in my opinion, have the ability to make or break a series. I’ve abandoned reading series before because of an abysmal second book.

I’d started to read this book a while ago and obviously wasn’t in the right frame of mind to read because when I opened it to read today, it was already sitting at 47%.

This book was interesting because it explored both the main plot and a plot from before Lesley’s arrival. The dual plot was enough to make the book seem ‘tantalising’ and added an extra layer to what the characters were going through.

There was also what I’m going to call a ‘sub-plot’ because it hinted at a potential confrontation yet to come, or a further expanse in the series.

As with book 1, it was amusing to read about places I knew well. I spend many a summer holiday on Studland beach and knowing these places gives me a thrill that I wasn’t expecting. It does make me feel like I’ve got ‘an in’ with what I’m reading – as silly as that sounds.

Lesley as a character goes through a lot in this book because of the relationships she shares with those around her. It was interesting to see that the dynamics between herself and her team weren’t completely resolved from the ending of book 1. There was still a theme of distrust running through this book and I sense there is more of that to come before it gets better.

I enjoy a crime book that spends time fleshing out the stories of those characters that work alongside the main player. Getting to see little insights into Dennis, Johnny, Mike, and Tina not only cement their stake in the story but also help to define the plot in greater detail.

I think Lesley needs to come to terms with the fact that Dorset is now her home. I still felt like she had one foot back in Birmingham and it left the characters feeling a little disjointed.

Overall, I was pleased with what I read and I look forward to seeing where the book series takes me.

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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