📖Savage Queen (The Dark Elite Book 3) By Eva Ashwood

Betrayal has rocked the Novak Syndicate, and a new enemy has emerged from the shadows. The same question that haunted Damian Novak now haunts me too.


I’m terrified of what my hunt for answers might reveal, but I’ll do whatever it takes to bring down this threat. Because I have something to fight for now.

Ciro, Hale, Zaid, and Lucas.

My ruthless knights. My dark protectors. The four men who’ve claimed my heart and soul.

What we have is real, and I’m damn sure going to fight for it. For us. Anyone who threatens these men will have to deal with me.

Their savage queen.

Well, I got through this trilogy quicker than I thought! It totally sucked me in and it was a very good read to distract me while I was recovering from my long driving trip.

This is the penultimate book in the trilogy, we had a sudden ending in book 2 that pushed the characters in a different direction than expected and that thrumming of adrenaline that has been present through most of the book was even more present in this final installment.

Grace, shocked by the revelations so far in the series takes on a caregiver role as she looks after the men around her as they come to terms with recent events. Hale especially, needed more time and attention in this book.

Ashwood’s way of writing twists and turns surpassed my expectation in this series. In the Kings of Chaos series I wasn’t surprised by any of the turns, in fact, I expected them. Here however, I was taken by surprised and I enjoyed that surprise immensely.

This final book showed how far the group of five have come because they worked cohesively as one unit through the plot. It was great to see Grace flourish in this book, though the plot covered an unpleasant topic, to see her rise through the scenario and fight for herself and her men was a welcomed site.

So much of this series focused on distrust and suspicious and it was clever really because it totally hit the real focus – the real baddie the reader should have been looking for. I almost didn’t think the ending would be tied up neatly as the pages were running low but it ended up in giving both an ending and an epilogue that was very welcomed.

The most growth in a character was Ciro, it was so interesting to see him develop through the trilogy. He was written so artfully that his development appeared completely smooth.

Reverse Harems rely on a strong female character with the ability to dance through life on a bolt of lightening but still adapt to a situation and understand their emotions. It’s a very tricky balance. If it goes too out of whack you end up with a female character who has no background or character development apart from being interested in sex all the time, or you end up with a female character who is all psycho without any redeeming qualities or emotions. It’s difficult to get right.

So, I appreciate it when I find a female character who can balance the best of both works and still be interesting, realistic, and raw.

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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