📖The Magic of Revenge: Emerald Lakes Book 3 by Britt Andrews

Blinding rage. Debilitating grief. Insatiable vengeance.

A transformation has taken hold of my body, my soul, the very center of who I am as a witch. I’ve loved and I’ve lost but I refuse to accept that this is the way it ends.

When a prophecy changes and my life amplifies to a new level of chaos, I’ll have to learn to harness my new magic and lean on those around me.

Between the power boosts and a new diabolical villain, I’ll need every single one of my mates at my side in order to have my revenge…

I actually read 2/3 of this book and then had to take a break from it before coming back and reading the final third. There was just so much happening both in the plot and in the amount of spiciness that I felt a little heady and needed to step back for a bit.

FYI this isn’t a book to read on your lunchbreak! I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. This is a book to read at home.

We start, again off the back of another cliffhanger and honestly this one took me for a ride! There were elements to the cliffhanger of book 2 that I had worked out but there was still some elements of surprise for me to contend with.

Saige and her men. Well, thank goodness for multiple point of view chapters! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the characters in more depth here. Each of the men: Kai, Cam, Sloane, Fisher, and Bram are complete individuals who have their own personalities and backstories, so diving deeper into those is rewarding as it not only brings them to life but makes both them and the group more relatable.

While Saige’s strength is something to be admired, she is definitely a character that can only survive inside the pages of a book. If all this had happened in real life I’d be questioning her sanity.

There was honestly so much content in this book, the plot pushed forward without a care throwing twist after twist and it was difficult to keep up with all that was happening. The spicy element of the book also tripled – this is not a book for the faint hearted, if threesomes and moresomes aren’t your thing, you need to back away now!

Some of the developing plot lines from this book I won’t talk about because it would ruin it for any new readers but I’m sure you can imagine how explosive it could be. There are a couple of new settings in this book as well as the introduction of new characters and those characters basically came in like a massive train wreck and fudged everything up!

No, I get it really. They are needed for the progression of the plot but it doesn’t mean I have to like them! There is clearly more at play here, more depth in the plot that the reader hasn’t been exposed to yet. So I am looking forward to the culmination of that being revealed.

Bram is now included as a part of Saige’s group of men and he has definitely earned his place by her side. It was interesting to see the dynamic shift between them and also how he slotted into the group of other men. I feel like Saige shouldn’t be able to take the attention of any other man with her hands so full 😉 but I wouldn’t put it past the author to add more.

Another cliffhanger awaits at the end of this book and as explosive and adrenaline fuelled that it was, I might take a break before I tackle it. Both the plot and the spice was HOT in this book and it was a lot to take in and mull over. I’m still committed to the series and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, I just need to take a breather before I dive back in!!

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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