Wednesday 10th April:

I started reading for pleasure when I was eight. My parents had read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the previous year and it was the first glimpse I got that books could be interesting. It set me on the course to become a book lover. I found reading really difficult when I was younger, a mix of being dyslexic and having processing problems (which I hasten to add, aren’t normal processing problems that we all experience but rather more complicated processing problems related to a chromosomal disorder that I have.) I was getting to the point where I didn’t know if I would ever get the hang of reading and I remember being equal parts annoyed, frustrated and dismayed.

Wednesday 17th April:

‘Red Queen’ series by Victoria Aveyard and the ‘Delirium’ series by Lauren Oliver. I read up to book three of the Red Queen series and all three books of the Delirium trilogy. I just felt like I’d read the base plots of these before and nothing lifted me off my seat or captivated me. I more or less worked out what would happen from the first couple of chapters and that was a disappointment. In the case of these series, I think the hype was too big and made the stories out to be more than they were.

Wednesday 24th April:

The Hobbit by Tolkien – for me it was a gateway book, something I read in the middle of Harry Potter and it opened me up to a wider genre of books and got me excited in reading more. I prefer the Hobbit over LotR as it’s easier to digest and more fun to read.

Wednesday 1st May:

I tend to stay away from Chick-lits and I don’t read werewolf or vampire novels anymore because I find them too generic. I’ve got off dystopian and fae/fairy/fair folk novels also because I find the plots are now repeating twelvemonth and becoming too predictable.

Wednesday 8th May:

I’d love to talk to Tolkien, partly because I’m intrigued by his mind and how he created such a vivid world and characters and partly because I’m still mad at him for killing off the Durin line. I’d also love to talk to Elly Griffiths, as she’s become my favourite author for a while now. I’d also quite enjoy sitting down with Sarah J Maas.

Wednesday 15th May:

Usually – on my bed, snuggled in blankets with the dogs and far too many pillows. Or, sitting in a chair next to the wood burning stove.

Wednesday 22nd May:

For me, it will always be Neville Longbottom because, like Neville, it took me a long time to see my own self worth. I didn’t have the smarts in school and though my peers called me Looney Lovegood on occasion, I always identified with Neville more.

Wednesday 29th May:

Dobby. Of course. I bawled my eyes out when he died. There have been many character deaths over the years that I haven’t been able to get over but as Harry Potter is my happy place, how could I not refer to it in this question. Cedric’s death and Sirius’s death also rocked me to the core. Usually, if a character death makes me too emotional I’m reluctant to continue reading and have abandoned books or book series when I just can’t get past the authors decisions.

Wednesday 5th June:

The Wizarding World, Narnia and Middle Earth. Maybe even a combination of all three. They are the three worlds that, for me, have provided such a rich escape from reality and fuelled so many of my daydreams. I love the magic of all three and the vastness of the worlds and the warm fuzzy feeling I get when reading them.

Wednesday 12th June:

Caraval by Stephanie Garber because I wanted to wait until the whole series was out so I could read it back to back. I sometimes get very impatient waiting for the next instalments to come out!!

Wednesday 19th June:

I honestly don’t remember, how bad is that?! I’ve been trying to wrack my brain about this for the last half hour but I am no close to remembering what the first book I read was. I should think that it was probably an Usborne book or a Quentin Blake book. The first book I remember feeling proud at reading alone was ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ as the first book came out when I was 9.

Wednesday 26th June:

Yes, all the time. Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit. Lots of Mog and The Tiger Came to Tea. Winnie the Pooh. Usborne Fairy Tales. Quentin Blake’s Cockatoo. I could go on but these are the ones I remember the most.

Wednesday 3rd July:

Lord of the Rings but only because I struggled with the book so much. In fact I didn’t even finish it, I never even left the Shire! So many people were at me to keep going and told me it got better when they left the Shire but my literal processing just couldn’t survive the language used and I found myself getting frustrated and bored with reading. Every time I think of giving it another go I remember the pain of trying to read it and steer away!!

Wednesday 10th July:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’ll never be happy with it. They cut so much out of it that it ended up missing the mark and loosing some of the magic. Where was Winky? She’s essential to the plot and they cut her out. Always livid about that! I cringe when I watch that film now.

Wednesday 17th July:

Indoor – because every time I try to read outdoor I get attacked by some kind of beetle or flying menace. Or the grass tickles me uncomfortably. Or my hay fever acts up. Or the dogs want to use me as a pillow. Indoor is more comfy.

Wednesday 24th July:

I have read many books that have made me feel embarrassed. I remember reading Judy Blume’s ‘Forever’ when I was fourteen & I remember blushing at school every time we talked about it. I had a friend at the time who would constantly go around quoting it at the most inappropriate times and I remember feeling embarrassed then. I suppose book wise, I feet embarrassed to have read the twilight series. I was 18 when the first book came out and by the end of the series I regretted setting foot in it. In my opinion twilight was a bad stone accidentally dropped in the ocean of better books.