Peter Pan Goes Wrong – UK Tour – by Mischief Theatre

I took my parents to see ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ on Saturday 18th January and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I have been wanting to see this production since I watched the BBC production for it during Christmas 2016. So when I got the email from ATG Tickets that the UK tour was coming to my local theatre, I was determined to see it that I booked tickets right away.

I knew this was something I could take my Mum to and somewhere she’d fit in. You see, my Mum has a very distinguished loud laugh. A laugh that’s impossible to ignore and once she starts laughing, you too will start laughing.

The curtain hadn’t even risen and my Mum was already fighting a laughing episode. For the most part, people were amused by her laughing. There were a couple of irritating pre-teens sitting next to her, who were unpleasant in their comments and their looks but, even though it angered me to no end, you can find people with those attitudes anywhere.

Even though I knew the synopsis of the play, watching it live was still a thrilling experience and I had a giddy smile upon my face for the whole performance. Even my Dad laughed out loud which is rarer than snow in the south of England!!

Coarse acting is a work of art and something everyone should see in a production at least once. Even though you know it’s supposed to go wrong, the hilarity of the situation is constantly surprising and hysterical. There were times when my Mum’s laughter was so loud that the actors on stage called her out by merely stopping to stare at her. One actor even broke character, unable to keep a straight face with my Mum’s hysterical giggling.

Near the end of the show, the actor playing Captain Hook had some banter with the audience.

He stopped in front of my Mum and said “of course, we all know who the real disappointment of tonight has been.”

He gazed down at Mum pointedly. We were sitting in the front row, there was no escape. It just made Mum laugh harder and harder, she tried to stifle her laugh with her hand. He called her out for that too.

“No use hiding behind your hand, we can all see you.”

I legitimately feel I could have wet myself laughing at this point.

“You’re like some sort of bouncing seal.”

I will forever think of my Mum’s hysterical laughing fits as her being a bouncing seal. It was the standout night in this long January and an experience I’ll cherish forever.

If you haven’t heard of Mischief Theater, do check them out because their work is fantastic. I’ll link below their current shows with where you can buy tickets. ‘The Play that Goes Wrong’ and ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ are great shows for children aged 9 and up.

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