Showcase 2014

Below are my top reads from 2014 from Wattpad.

  1. Wicked Grace by Abluefiction (11 Chapters)

Summary – A day without backstabbing, guiltless murder, lies and deceptions would be a considered a day orchestrated by the Gods themselves. But in the royal court of Amaranth where lust for power breeds dangerous beasts, such days are nonexistent. Not with every noble staking their lives in an ancient, never ending game of Wicked Grace.

Avia is a girl forgotten. Enslaved by a cruel mistress, she is beaten and left in an underground cell where light does not touch, and the horrors of the dark unfold in a sinister play. This however changes when a dashing lord buys her freedom.

However, such lucky chances do not come without a price. Revealed to be a long, lost heiress Avia is plunged into a world of conniving nobility, and unforgiving deities. All the while she dances a dangerous dance with the prince, in hopes of redeeming her family’s lost name.

Will she fall to the preying beasts that has watched her? Or will she stand above them and declare herself the champion of the endless game?

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My only true complaint is that this story has been on hiatus since 2015 and therefore is unlikely to ever be completed. Of the 11 chapters that are up, a heavy picture is created of Avia and the life she has been living. With magic, prejudice and friendship running strongly through the chapters, it is a race to see what will happen to Avia and whether she will survive.

2. Seize the Day by AbbyJewett (33 Chapters)

Summary – In a world of magic and chaos, seventeen-year-old Lannie Brakenbury has only ever wanted to be alone in Aria. Two years after her mother’s death, Lannie has finally found a place in the world where she can live peacefully. But when she is forced to tutor at Aria’s castle and encounters the infuriating Prince Titus, her life takes a turn for the worse.

Unwillingly forced into a realm of pompous Royals and unpredictable magic, Lannie must survive murderous naiads, man-eating water horses, and the antics of a prince who can’t seem to leave her alone.

But when Lannie discovers that someone is out to destroy the royal family, she must do everything in her power to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

Even if it means sacrificing all that she has ever known.

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3. Ravensdale by Davrielle (24 Chapters)

Summary – In 2012, Dora Harding finds and purchases a desk in her best friend’s New York antique shop. Later that evening, she discovers an old letter in one of the cabinets. She doesn’t expect to find something like it, nor does she expect to see that the letter is addressed to her. It is from 1912.

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When I first discovered this story it had way more chapters uploaded but I think the author had a problem with someone copying her work, so a lot of the chapters were taken down. I don’t know if she is editing them or if they are gone for good. As a particle it is still a good one filled with mystery, intrigue and time travel. It’s wicked good and you should read it!

4. The Carbon Copy by a-dora-ble (13 Chapters)

Summary – “Despite being different and unique, Orion was expected to become the exact replica of his older brother…A Carbon Copy.”

All his life, Orion Zhou has lived in the shadow of his older, more intelligent and successful brother Shen. In comparison, Orion is a recluse, a nobody, a boy that no matter what he does to appease his strict parents, is viewed as a failure, a disappointment to the family name. Nothing is ever enough for them; even his only friend, Barbara Santiago, is seen as inadequate.

As one of the few Asian students at his school, Orion is often shunned. Every day is a struggle to remain above it all until one day, fate acquaints him with the one person he never thought he’d come into contact with:

Carter Brown.

Everybody knows him. Everybody wants to be him. With a strong sense of justice and a wealthy family background, it’s hard not to fall for his charm. Orion soon finds himself grappling onto him with the hopes of a brighter future, but to gain acceptance into the exclusive inner circle, Orion has to give up the one thing he values the most:

His freedom.

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This is another story that held a lot of promise but seems to be another one that’ll never be finished (last update was 2016), which is a shame because what is already written is very good and already reads as a compelling story. Was one of my best reads of 2014.

Hannah xoxo