Favourite Showcase

In this segment I’ll be including my favourite books from over the years.

I started the Favourite Showcase on my instagram account and thought I could actually go into more detail as to why certain books are my favourite on this blog.

As with my reviews, the favourite showcase is tailored to how I read and the following shows the structure you’ll see in a favourite showcase.

  1. The summary of the book = It may be a story you already know or it may be a book you have never heard of. Including a summary allows you to get a sense of the book as well as reminding me what happened in the book (if I have not recently re-read it.)
  2. Age when I first read it = I find it important the age I was when I read certain books and how my mind at that time constructed a view or opinion based off the life I had lived thus far.
  3. Importance = This ties in with the above but a lot of my favourite showcases are favourites because they impacted my life in a certain way that makes them hard to be forgotten. I either changed or leaned from what I read and that to me, marks it as important.
  4. What was learnt = I always learn something when I read a book and I find that exciting. Some of my favourite showcases have been favourites for over a decade and I can still remember what I first thought and what I first leaned when reading it for the first time. It’s fun to go back and write those first thoughts and see how I’ve changed over the years.
  5. Reading as an adult = Picking back from number 4, re-reading favourites as an adult has changed the way I view the stories and things that I once loved have now become clearer and harder to digest. Equally, things that I completely missed when reading the first time, have come to light when reading as an adult and given me a new understanding of the story.
  6. Overall rating = This one is pretty self explanatory. Taking everything into consideration, I rate the book out of 10.

Hannah xoxo