Here you can find all my rambles. These are the random thoughts in my head, whether they be about books or something else. My mind is a very chaotic places and being able to ramble to no end on a post is very cathartic. Please come along on the ride but I can’t promise that you’ll find it interesting!!

I’m currently listening to Act 1: Dance of the Knights from the Romeo & Juliet Ballet – music by Sergei Prokofiev. All I can see in my head are the characters of Harry Potter dancing around a chess board in a complicated dance routine with Voldemort sitting across from the board in a gilded black throne. Dance of the Knights is a great song though, if you don’t know it, go and check it out. It’s a great piece of music to write too. I write a lot of my original work to classical music or to soundtracked music as it is easier to get carried away.

This is a true example of a ramble post because I’ve now rambled on about something else! Before I get too carried away with my thoughts, I’ll stop before I get ahead of myself.