Sometimes it is nice to remember that there are other things in life other than reading books. I love books and would never give them up but I think that sometimes it is important to show that there are other things in life that I enjoy. Breaking up book blogging with travelling seemed like a good idea. I don’t travel much but when I do, I think blogging is a good way to remember the holiday by.

Travel rambles are perhaps of a more rambling nature than my usual rambles, because I can never be sure what frame of mind or mood I’ll be in. I do read a lot when I’m travelling but I am also trying to enjoy the holiday, so am not reading at my usual fast speed.

In 2020, I only have one holiday planned. Skiing in Tignes, France from Sat 4th Jan to Sat 11th Jan. I haven’t planned any other holidays to take because I’m trying to save money and not spend it. I might take a week later in the year or perhaps a short city break but as of yet, I’m undecided.

Please join me for another ramble, a slightly unpredictable ramble but a ramble nonetheless.