The Start of Something New

Thanks for joining me, I’m so glad we can start this journey together ~ Hannah xoxo

Another year has begun and another round of resolutions have been sworn in and will probably have been forgotten by mid-February. Last year I succeeded in reading 51 books in a year. This was only half the goal I had set for myself and I was oddly disappointed to find that I hadn’t completed the goal of reading 100 books. Last year had a lot of challenges for me personally, and I ended up learning a lot about myself and growing as a person.

I try to read a variety of books and genres, ranging from children’s books targeted at 9-12 year-olds, teen, young adult and adult books. I usually find books to read based on the following three points: (1) If the cover is interesting. (2) If the synopsis or blurb hooks me. (3) If it is recommended based on my previous reading.

I should point out that my reviews and what I read are a little different than an average twenty-eight year-old (though I will be 29 in February) because I am dyslexic and have processing problems that affect the way I read.
My reviews are not what you’d find from a literary reviewer. I will be focusing on the following points: ability to read/process what is happening, characterisation, setting/ability to visualise, things that are unique/stand out and things that I had problems with.

Books like ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern killed me because I couldn’t process the language in time to understand what I was reading. This was due to the multiple jumps between P.O.Vs and settings. In fact, I had to get my Mum to read the book so that she could explain to me what had happened during the last few pages.

This does mean that some books I buy to read get left by the wayside or taken to charity shops without me reading beyond the first couple of pages. It is not something I like to admit but both issues have been around all my life and are not ever going go go away. I have come to terms with it now. If I find a book too difficult, it’s easier to drop it rather than to force myself to read something that to me is the equivalent to walking through knee deep mud against the current.

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