Weekend Catch Up

This week has been more relaxed and less chaotic than the first. Now that Christmas 2018 has been pushed away, life has returned to its normal routine. This week has held three ‘national days’ according to my diary. The first was on Monday 14th and it was National Dress Your Pet Day, the second was on Wednesday 16th and it was National Nothing Day and the last is today (Saturday 19th) and it is National Popcorn Day.

Who creates these National Days?

This week has been exciting for two reasons. The first being that my oldest and dearest friend is getting married this year and I have been researching my flights & accommodation because the wedding is going to be in New York, USA. It has been 11 years since I was last in New York so it will be interesting to see how it has changed and to experience things again as a tourist. I’m incredibly awed by my friend and all she has accomplished and am excited that I get to share in her special day.

The second exciting thing – though it might appear quite boring after the above news – is that my new mattress arrives today. I have been having back problems for the last year on my current/soon to be old mattress and thought it was time to get a new one. The new one is a softer mattress – which contrary to popular belief is what my back needs – and is a King. The delivery men are even taking away my old mattress for me. I recently splurged on new £13.99 pillows! (which FYI are amazing) so am looking forward to having the whole new package and am excited to fall asleep without my back twitching.

Like many others this January, I ended up cancelling my subscription to a dieting app. Not because I am giving up but because the app didn’t live up to what it promised and didn’t give me the help I needed. My amazing Mum has been doing a lot of research on iron deficiencies (which I have) and working out what foods I need to eat, what snacks I should eat and what to do when I do have an attack. I have purchased a £5 A5 food tracker diary to keep myself on the straight and narrow when it comes to loosing weight and also eating the right foods for my problems.

I would have liked to have spoken with a dietitian about what I should and should not be eating and to have a more detail food plan but when I spoke to my GP about it, I was told that the NHS has scaled back their dietitian department and for non-diabetic patients they now only offer group therapy. So, I am trying to do things myself and just keeping track of what helps and what doesn’t.

I have now completed my first ten books but my book basket is still overflowing. Moving into next week I will be reading another ten books which will be posted in tomorrows blog. I keep adding more books to my ‘Book Series’ list on Amazon – which is very, very bad – and am wondering whether when my book basket is empty if I should buy a book series to read or some more individual books…thoughts?

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Hannah xoxo

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  1. robin says:

    Ten books already? Ive finished one this year….


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