Weekend Catch Up

Another week has come and gone. I haven’t read much this week (only 2 books), despite having a conversation with a colleague at work and realising I have 52 books in my book basket to read!! I also discovered that one of the book trilogies I got recently, I’d got without realising that I already had the first two books from that series on my shelf waiting to be read. The only reason I hadn’t noticed is because they’d changed the cover design! Basically I’m just an idiot for not noticing.

I’ve decided to start a ‘blind date with a book’ basket at work in a veiled attempt to encourage the people I work with to read more. It will probably backfire and none of the books will get picked up or read but it is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I am just going to steamroll ahead with it. I also joined a book exchange on Facebook and have now got to either buy my favourite book to send to my appointed person or chose a favourite book from my own shelf. I get to write a little message to my appointed person explaining why the books is my favourite and so on, so I’m quite excited for that.

It is now February – thank goodness! – and no longer the year that January felt like. There are plenty of things to look forward to in February, I have plenty of friends and family with birthdays in this month (including my own) and I love giving presents to people and will enjoy finding the perfect gifts.

I managed to book tickets for The Play That Goes Wrong in London, which I have been wanting to see for a long time now. I’m not seeing it until the end of March but I’m still super excited for that to happen.

I won’t get as much reading done this weekend as Saturday is my Dad’s birthday and we’re going out for lunch and on Sunday my parents and I are taking Granny out for an early birthday celebration lunch. I will be very pleased if I managed to finish the last 3 books of my current 10 this weekend. Then I can move onto the next 10 I have stacked and waiting to be read.

We got a little snow yesterday (Friday) but it didn’t last long and wasn’t enough to have a snow day or not turn up for work. I do love the snow though, it’s magical and beautiful and I would love it to snow as much as it did about 9 years ago in the South. I’m going Skiing in March so I suppose I will have to took forward to the snow there and not worry about the lack of snow here.

In other news, now that we have come to the end of January, my bullet journal has showed me that there were 4 days in January where I didn’t have a headache of some degree and that I only had 10 iron deficiency episodes. I managed to save a little bit of money towards my mortgage deposit and managed to book some nice things to look forward to later in the year.

My goal for February is self improvement.

Let me know if you’ve set yourself any goals.

Hannah xoxo

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