Weekend Catch Up

This week has passed slowly and quickly for me.

I spent half of it in bed and half of it living.

I had a horrific head cold that developed over last Sunday and though I bravely ventured into work Monday morning, within half an hour of being there I was told to go home because I apparently looked ‘disgusting and full of cold.’

The thing with me and colds is that when I get one, I get it really bad. I was always the one person at school who would get the cold and have to take a week off. It’s just how my body deals. So, I was off work for three days and in my mind, I was all ‘this is fine, I’ll get loads of reading done and take day/night nurse and get better etc.’ When in reality, I spent most of my time sleeping and occasionally my eyes would focus enough for me to do some reading. I read three books during my time off so I don’t think I did too badly.

I had a surprise visit on Tuesday from a friend who has been in Australia since last year. Even though I was disgustingly ill, she put up with my coughing and snotty nose for several hours and helped me to complete a puzzle. It was lovely to see her. I won’t see her now for 6 months as she has returned to Australia.

Tuesday was the worst day of the cold – there is always one – and it was made even worse because I had a pretty bad iron attack. Usually I notice them coming on but I hadn’t because my ears have been blocked with this cold and so the first sign that I was having one was when I found myself sliding out of my chair.

Off the back of that attack, I felt decidedly worse, the feelings of nausea didn’t disappear and my sinus headache became a migraine. I had a slight temperature in the evening and had to go to bed with a jumper on, a pair of socks and three blankets atop my duvet.

By Thursday I was back at work. Thursday was of course Valentine’s Day. I have not yet had a successful Valentine’s Day. The one time I had a boyfriend for it – he didn’t celebrate it because of a list of reasons that are too stupid and too long to list – but this Thursday was Galentine Day with my Mum and we had a blast.

Much of this week was also spent colour swatching the massive amount of colouring pencils I have and taking them out of their original boxes and into these beautiful storage holders I got. It was through doing this that I realised I have over 200 different pencils and over 100 different pens.

My trip to London didn’t happen last week because my friend cancelled and I was ill. I decided not to go this weekend either because my Nephew will be over. I have now decided to go on the 23rd/24th but haven’t decided which day yet.

Next week should be quiet and I have made three goals for the week.

(1) Read 3 books.

(2) Finish my current colouring page.

(3) Complete my 15 day no spend challenge (I’m currently at 7/15)

Does anyone else make weekly goals or is it just me?

Hannah xoxo

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