Weekend Catch Up

I am late with this week’s catch up – it is in fact Monday! I had rather a busy weekend and I even managed to read 3 books!

I have 4 books left in my current tbr pile and I have now chosen the the next 10 books to read and the next 10 after that! I am rather excited to read some of the books in my tbr pile and almost loathed to read some that I’ve previously started and know will be difficult for me to process.

This week at work has been unusually busy and then came to a crashing halt when the printer died. No more scanning of A3 printing till the repair man is out. There is a sign on the printer explaining this – but there are still some people at work foolish enough to be outraged at this or try to fix it. Or even worse, think that because my desk sits next to the printer, that I am now a printer expert and can solve all problems!

It has turned from the usual cold February weather to 16 degree May weather. The plants don’t know what is going on and I’ve had to start taking my hay fever medicine 2 months early!! (Global warming for you.)

On Saturday I went up to London – and severely over-baked and had to buy a lighter t-shirt to change into. I needed to get some thermals from Uniqlo for my ski holiday in 2 weeks and also pick up some of their jeggings.

I also needed to buy pudding for a birthday bash on Sunday. I went to Selfridges and got 12 Lola Cupcakes with an added 4 complimentary ones. I also got a couple of face masks. Walking around London with that big box and bag of Lola’s Cupcakes was ridiculous. We were making our way back after Selfridges and Lola’s Cupcakes either hit people or people hit them and I’m honestly surprised they made it back in one piece. I was in London with my best friend, so as usual, we got McDonald’s to eat on the train home. We only ever get McDonald’s when the two of us are together, so it’s like a little treat.

Sunday I read 1.5 books in the morning and then went to my friend’s, with the cupcakes for her birthday celebrations. It was lovely till her dog Charlie – who I’ve know for 3 years – decided to get territorial and bite my arm. Luckily he didn’t break skin, just left some pinkish bruises behind but the suddenness of it made me have a panic attack and I became uneasy for the rest of the time there.

I got a migraine from the panic attack which was particularly nasty, throbbing in painful stabs across the front of my forehead. I distracted myself by reading the rest of the 2nd book and then started on a third. I put some calming white noise in my headphones and ended the evening with a face mask. I had 6/7 days of headaches last week, so next week I’m hoping for a lot less.

I have only set myself 2 books to read this coming week, as they are a little longer and a little thicker and I don’t think I could read more than 2 this week/don’t want to let myself down by promising to read more.

There is a very important day coming this week. Wednesday is my birthday 😀 so I’m excited for that and then by Friday it’ll be March!!

Hannah xoxo

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