Weekend Catch Up

Hello! Another weekend is here! Can you believe we’re in March already?

I can’t believe how fast February flew past and it was filled with so many celebrations and fun times. It wasn’t just my Birthday that was celebrated in February but also my Dad’s, my Granny’s, and four of my friends.

I managed to read 10 books this month which is a lot, though it didn’t feel like a lot as the month progressed. If anything, I felt like I was under reading, choosing instead to colour or play Xbox.

Of course, my tbr pile grew significantly from my birthday and has interrupted my tbr stacks. I probably have enough unread books currently in my bedroom to complete my 100 books in a year challenge.

None of my friends are avid readers. Nor are my colleagues. It is difficult to explain my excitement over a book when I am looking into a glazed uninterested face of a person. It saddens me to think that the people around me have no interest in reading. It’s all Netflix, Cinema and nights out. I of course do all those things as well but I still find time to read. It helps I guess, that I’m an insomniac but I’d rather be able to sleep through the night than to be up at all hours.

I have been trialling some non addictive sleep pills that my doctor gave me. Having been on them for a week now, I’d say they work 70/100 of the time. They don’t necessarily help me to fall asleep any quicker but I do remain asleep, either to my alarm, or to about 5/6am. It’s a great improvement. I haven’t had a good full 8 hour sleep in over 6 months. So any help towards getting there is helpful.

I spent a lot of time in February on draft 3 of one of my original novels, entitled ‘The Secrets of Westwood’ Grace Shaw Series, Book 1. I am currently posting it online and you can find it here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/22483774-the-secrets-of-westwood-the-grace-shaw-series-book

I was also very lucky to get an extra present from my Dad on my Birthday in the form of an indoor cycle bike with back support, a tray table and a drinks holder. I had been looking to save for one myself and was very happy to receive it as a surprise present. Due to my muscle issues, and various recurring issues, a lot of the normal ways you might exercise are things I’m not able to do. I had a previous indoor cycle bike which I really enjoyed, but I got it cheaply and it broke.

I’m going to start with doing 30 minutes on the bike every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every 2 weeks I am going to increase the time by 10 minutes.

March brings with it pancake day – my favourite – and my ski holiday with my Dad. Dad and I go skiing together every year. This year we’re going to Tignes, which I am very excited about because I’ve always wanted to go.

For March, I have the following goals:

  • Read 10 books
  • Colour two pages
  • Save £150
  • Stay Positive & Stress/Anxiety free
  • Continue cycling on my indoor bike 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes

Have you set yourselves any goals for this month?

Hannah xoxo

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