Weekend Catch Up

I feel like this statement is true for a lot of us bibliophiles. I am still surrounded by books that I need to read but I am slowly making my way through them and trying not to buy more books when I have so many to read. I have almost finished reading the books I got for my birthday. Then I have 8 books that I bought with a birthday present token. After those I’ll be back to reading the books I got at Christmas, or in the January sales. I have moved the books in my book basket around, to make it look tidier and it makes it look like I have less books to read.

I read two books this week, actually on Sunday. They were two books by Emma Carroll that I got for my birthday. ‘In Darkling Wood’ and ‘The Girl Who Walked On Air’. Both were amazing and so rich in storyline and escapism. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

I plan to read ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘The Stone Circle’ the next two books in Elly Griffith’s Ruth Galloway Mysteries this week. I might get to read some more if I can put my Xbox gaming to one side.

I got some more books this week – I know, I know, I’m supposed to be on a book ban! – I wanted to get this 6+ collection of Shakespeare’s Work. Just because although I love Shakespeare and Richard III is my favourite, I struggle to read and understand some of his other work. This is due to the way he writes and the level of processing. Anyway, it’s a 16 book collection and I am looking forward to reading and understanding some of his work that I have loved through theatre performances.

I also got myself a Llama colouring book because, why not? Llamas are adorable!

This week should move along without incident. I had two big iron attacks last week and that definitely made me super grumpy.

I’m going out for dinner on both Wednesday and Thursday, seeing friends for belated birthday celebrations. On Saturday me and my bestie are going to London to see ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ a production I’ve wanted to see for years, so I’m super looking forward to that!

Mother’s Day so going to be busy with family but I am looking forward to treating my Mum as she deserves to be.

Hannah xoxo

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