44. The Ancient Starship by Cerberus Jones

Fourth in The Gateway series, this one took us partly away from the Hotel and mystified and intrigued me.

Synopsis (as taken from the back of the book) is as follows:

When an ancient starship is discovered in the deserts of Egypt, Amelia’s Dad is whisked away to help.

Meanwhile, the first human guests have arrived at the hotel – and they’re turning out to be the strangest visitors yet.

Are the spaceship and the odd guests connected? Amelia and Charlie may be the only ones who can solve this puzzle…

Ability to read – I had no issue with this and it didn’t take me long to read. It did however, keep me interested and excited throughout the course of the story.

Characterisation – This one was different from the of others because Amelia’s brother was now a character in play in a way that he hadn’t been before. It offered another side to the story. The character’s were more interesting because the story wasn’t just limited to The Gateway Hotel and it gave us as the reader a glimpse into the world outside of the hotel and the extent to the Control’s hand.

Visualisation – Again, this was easy to visualise. I thought that the characters were stronger in this installment of the series. In each book it is interesting to see what visualisation I can conjure with the descriptions given about the guests of the hotel. What is given to the reader is never a disappointment.

Uniqueness – The addition of the spaceship in Egypt opened the story up to other possibilities and gave an insight to many characters that I hadn’t seen before. It also showed that intergalactic guests can turn up on earth in ways that differ from the gateway in Tom’s house.

Hannah xoxo

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