Halfway Celebration

Get excited everyone!!! I have now reached my halfway goal for reading this year! My target goal is to read 100 books this year and I have just hit my 50th book! Gosh, I almost can’t believe it, I feel so smug and elated.

I should really buy some more books to celebrate but actually I counted the unread books in my room yesterday, and they number at 70, so perhaps I’ll hold off on ordering more books until later.

I never imagined I would be smashing through my book target. Last year I had a target of 100 but only read 51. It seems shocking that I’m already at 50 and not even six months into the year. It makes me wonder what my overall score will be and how many books I’ll set for myself for 2020.

Reading has become so much more than picking up a book, for me it’s a passion, a way of life, and escape. It is something I couldn’t give up even if I tried. I love discovering hidden gems, polished gems, rare gems and popular gems. I love going to the bookshop and picking one adult book, one ya book and one kids book. Comparing different books for different ages is something I find interesting. Sometimes children’s books have more heart and fantasy than YA or Adult. Sometimes and adult book triumphs over a children’s book. Sometimes a YA is too difficult for me to digest but I get something from reading books, no matter what the target audience is.

My ambitious reading for May and June is only the tip of the iceberg, beyond that July and August will have many books to read as well. I’m hoping that by the time September hits, I’ll have read enough books that my shelves will be part empty and so I’ll be able to buy some more books. Lets face it, I’ll buy more books anyway because I’m a terrible impulse book buyer!!!

My Amazon book list is now spread across five categories because I had too many books on the list and couldn’t distinguish between. I now have the following lists: Books [Stand Alone], Book Series, Books: Children Fiction, Books:Crime/Mystery/Murder/Detective Series and Books:YA. As I’m sure you can probably guess, they are all teaming with books.

I thought about all the different ways I could celebrate reading 50 books and decided eventually that I would celebrate by reading more books. None of my friends or colleagues read, so talking about books and achievements with them would have been disappointing. My parents both read but I don’t think they’d be excited at me reaching a milestone of 50 books.

I still feel super smug and happy that I’ve reached this halfway point.

I feel like I’m rambling through this post xD

What would you do to celebrate a book milestone?

Please let me know!!

Hannah xoxo

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  1. Great.Make some blog on Reading speed .I am non fictional books reader.


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