Weekend Catch Up

I have been totally neglectful in writing my weekend catch ups of late. I haven’t even got a funky book quote to start this one – shows how behind I am. Both home life and work life have been incredibly busy of late and though I have neglected this blog for a bit, I have not stopped reading.

I recently rediscovered my kindle library. I stopped reading kindle books in 2015 after my kindle broke but you can now read via the kindle app or on a web browser ‘Kindle Cloud Reader’. The discovery of the cloud reader led me back to my kindle library that had over 15 books in it that I hadn’t read – there are now slightly more as I went on a Kindle buying binge. The upside of this is that I am able to read more books a week as I can take the reading wherever I go and am not subjugated to just reading in the evenings. As such, I have read five books this week – which I am incredibly proud of. I mostly used/use Kindle to read books that I either don’t know whether I would like (so I trial them on Kindle) or books with a lot of hype surrounding them (which for me usually ends in disappointment) so it is easier to buy them cheaper on Kindle instead of investing in a paperback that I’m more than likely going to donate to a charity shop.

At the beginning of the week I launched myself into my two month workout schedule and healthy eating plan. I have had to drastically change my diet because of my iron deficiency and have a ton of intolerances to food that make finding a healthy balance quite difficult but I have finally found something that works for me. My friend’s New York wedding is something that I want to be in healthy shape for and am aware that I gained some weight last year that I would like to shift this year. The problem I find with workouts is that because of my muscle condition and various recurring injuries, for the majority of workouts out there I have to subtracts about 50% of moves because they would negatively impact my body. It took a lot of time and research to find a regime that suited my body and my mind. I made myself a 2 month spreadsheet of workout activities and each day when I have completed a task, I colour the box in which feels super rewarding and motivates me further. I have set up a reward scheme for certain milestones, which, surprise, surprise, involves book buying.

The end of last week brought this beaut of a picture to life. This is Luca, my 3 and a bit Italian Greyhound. After his walk last weekend, he started to act a little oddly. First, because he had a mild epilepsy attack (epilepsy is common in Italian Greyhounds), which always makes him a little distant/clingy at the same time. He started twitching and jumping around like a baby goat and it later came out that he’d jumped through a pile of stinging nettles on the walk and had stung his pawsies. I ended up having to give him a bath. I wash him every weekend (unless I forget) because he is semi allergic to his own back hair and needs to be washed with a special shampoo every week to help with the itches, so I washed his whole body with the shampoo and massaged his paws and afterwards he seemed much better but he didn’t particularly like that he was wet all over!!

I’ve been meaning to instagram this picture all week but I haven’t got around to it yet, so I thought I’d post it here. Every so often my Dad decides to cook a family meal. Dad loves Thai cooking, so usually it’s something that I cannot eat but this was an exception and both my Mum and I were rather impressed. It came from a Hairy Biker’s cookbook that I gave him for Christmas. He fried the noodles, which is why they look the way they do and it was a crab and prawn salad thing.

It is the second May Bank Holiday Weekend now and, predictably, I have no major plans and will probably do a lot of reading, procrastinating and potentially play some Xbox. I will try and get out and socialise or enjoy the outside weather if it is good, so that I don’t stay inside all weekend like a hermit.

If anyone has any recommendations for lesser known Kindle books they thought were really good, please let me know 😀

Hannah xoxo

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