59. Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament (Holmes & Hudson Mystery Book 3) by Martin Davies

I bought this book back in January in a three pack from The Book People and I am finally getting around to reading them! I actually thought this was book 2! So, I have read them out of order but I don’t think it particularly matters.

Synopsis (as taken from Amazon) is as follows:

A Viscount has gone missing and there are rumours of a dead man haunting the moors and a country hall beset by ghostly lights and spectres. Sherlock Homes’ housekeeper, the formidable Mrs Hudson, is face with a mystery. Joined by her assistant Flotsam, they’re once again thrown into dark adventure full of gripping twists and murderous intrigue.

Together with Holmes and Dr. Watson they must race against the forces of darkness to uncover the truth behind the mysterious document known as the Lazarus Testament. Lives are on the line and the puzzle must be solved… But not before a slice of Dundee cake.

Ability to read – I had no difficulty reading this, I found it very easy to get into and with the characters and setting already familiar to me, I encountered no bumps along the road. I found the plot to be interesting and deep and couldn’t wait to read and find out what was going to happen. In fact, I had to tell myself off for reading too fast in my excitement to find out what was going to happen!

Characterisation – Flotsam and Hudson are at it again! Mrs Hudson shows more of her intellect and brain capacity in this book and it seems that Holmes is more open to the thoughts and advice she has to say. Dr. Watson still seems on the fence about Mrs Hudson’s deductions but his constant shock is rather funny to read about. Flotsam is scarcely the character she was at the beginning of the first book, indeed she has flourished into a well-rounded character with more room to grow. Flotsam I think, will be as original a character as Mrs Hudson with all that she is learning between Hudson and Holmes. I am still loving the dynamic between Mrs Hudson and Flotsam and how easily the meld together in times of need. They beautifully complement each other in a way that Holmes and Dr. Watson could never do.

Visualisation – As with the first book in this series, I had no difficulty in diving into the pages. I didn’t encounter any difficulty when visualising what was happening. The plot was rich with descriptions and narrative and both helped me to construct a vivid picture of what was happening.

Uniqueness – The Hudson and Holmes series is unique in that it has made Mrs Hudson a central character and opened a wealth of knowledge on a character who was always been much more than a housekeeper – at least in my eyes – she is as much an enigma as Holmes is and those they both seem as bright as each other, their personalities set them apart. Mrs Hudson is bright, witty, intelligent, humble, daring, kind and caring. She brings a warmth to the mysteries that you miss with just Holmes. Mrs Hudson makes you care about the characters and opens up a world of information that would be missed without her.

Hannah xoxo

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