Weekend Catch Up

I’ve been super busy this week and actually haven’t had a lot of time to read. I also ended up returning a couple of books I had on my kindle either because they’d been there for 4+ years and I still hadn’t read them, or in the case of one, I knew what was going to happen by the sixth chapter. I have earmarked Sunday for a good reading sesh. I am currently reading four books. ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘Don’t Wake Up’ by Liz Lawler, and ‘The Night Ferry’ by Michael Robotham. On my Kindle app I am reading ‘Beneath the Surface’ by Jo Spain with is the second in the series of the Tom Reynolds Detective Series.

On Monday I was sick, so I didn’t get to read anything and spent most of my time sleeping.

On Tuesday I went out for dinner with my best friend, we’ve started planning my 30th birthday bash which is happening in February 2020. I didn’t get home till 10pm so I didn’t get any reading in then either.

Wednesday was the only day I was in for the evening and I had intended to do some colouring but got sucked into my Xbox instead as the ‘Fate of Atlantis’ Episode 3 became available for Assassin’s Odyssey. I ended up playing that for most of the evening.

On Thursday, – which was the highlight of my week – I went on a llama trek with my friend Wendy. I have loved Llamas for over a decade and will always think they are adorable. There were only Wendy and I on this walk, along with the Guide. Wendy got paired with a Llama called ‘Lou’ and I got ‘Mungo’.

It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life ❤ and I got to learn a bit about Llamas as we walked. They have no top front teeth, only bottom ones. Their top teeth start in the middle of their mouths and go to the back. They eat everything! Mungo was particularly keen on the stinging nettles, brambles and holly leaves. They can survive up to 3 days without food. The can carry up to 40kg. The walk was only 2 hours but it was the best time and afterwards we stopped at the Pub the Llamas live at for some very scrummy dinner.

This is what I imagine my brain looks like every time it fails to stop buying books.

I returned ‘The Doctor’ by Lisa Stone because, even though the blurb for the book was intriguing, I felt that after reading the first couple of chapters, I already knew what was going to happen. I could see the plot laid out before me and the thought of reading something without any mystery filled me with dread. It became a chore to read the book and I wasn’t enjoying it so I decided to cut my losses. I don’t often abandon books so I was sad to let this one go.

I removed these 6 books from my reading pile simply because they’ve been in my kindle library for over four years! I know I’ve read the first in the series but as for the others, if I haven’t read them in four years, I’m probably not going to read them at all! I did however, enjoy reading the first book. I think my tastes in reading have just evolved from when I first got these and they no longer hold my attention.

  • ‘A Kiss At Midnight’ by Eloisa James
  • ‘When Beauty Tamed the Beast’ by Eloisa James
  • ‘The Duke is Mine’ by Eloisa James
  • ‘The Ugly Duchess’ by Eloisa James
  • ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Eloisa James

The last book I’ve had to admit I won’t ever read is ‘The Secrets of Ghosts’ by Sarah Painter. I have tried to read this twice. Once when I first got in and again this year but I just couldn’t get into the book and found myself bored after a few chapters. There is just something that wasn’t working for me and it made it hard for me to connect to the story as a whole.

I always fill like it’s the biggest sin to abandon a book and I do always fill guilty when I do it, but sometimes the book isn’t right for the reader. I think of it like ‘the wand chooses the wizard’.

This weekend I’m going on a Hen Party in Oxford that includes Punting, an Escape Room and a Pamper Session. It is the Hen Party for my oldest and dearest friend (we’ve known each other since birth) and I am excited to celebrate with her. The Wedding is only 7.5 weeks away and is happening in New York. It’s all very exciting and I am glad that I get to be a part of it.

Let me know your weekend plans or any books you felt guilty about abandoning!

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