106. You Won’t Believe This by Adam Baron

Synopsis (as taken from Amazon) is as follows:

Here’s something you won’t believe: someone is doing TERRIBLE things to Mrs Martin, Cymbeline Igloo’s favourite teacher of all time.

Cymbeline has to find the culprit (after he’s learned what ‘culprit’ means). He’s also got to help his friend Veronique, whose grandma is dangerously ill. It seems Nanai has a secret, connected to her arrival in the UK as a Boat Person from Vietnam, a traumatic journey in which she lost her twin sister. Can Cymbeline figure out the mystery in time?

One thing is for sure: even the most unexpected people can change your life in wonderful ways…

Ability to read – This was very easy for me to understand and read. There was nothing that I found over complicated or confusing. Cymbeline’s POV is an easy hook and the plot encouraged me to stay for the duration. The illustrations are fantastic and a credit to the book.

Characterisation – Cymbeline Igloo is one hell of a character. He has equal measures of innocence, loyalty, bravery, curiosity and worry. I have read a lot of books this year but Cymbeline is in the top 5 characters I’ve loved from 2019. There is an effortlessness to his POV and the way the book is structured makes Cymbeline appear very real and human, instead of it feeling forced or fake. I believed every emotion that Cymbeline experiences and entering his world is like turning back the clock and becoming a child again. Veronique and Cymbeline’s friendship, is still going strong – for which I am very happy – and in this book we get to see more of Veronique and sides of her character that haven’t been shown before. This book is very much about Veronique’s family, told through the worrying eyes of Cymbeline and it was heart-warming to reach the end and have the final chapters unfold everything.

Visualisation – It was very easy to visualise what was happening here. Cymbeline talks in a way that is easy to understand and get a grip on. Combined with the superb illustrations, I was able to create a vivid picture of what was happening.

Enjoyment – I cannot tell you how excited I was when in Waterstones and I picked this up realizing it was a sequel to ‘Boy Under Water’ and that I was going to get to read from Cymbeline Igloo’s POV again!!! I loved ‘Boy Under Water’ so much, it was very inventive and unique in the way Cymbeline told the story. His charm and his innocence make for wonderful reading. I didn’t even know that his adventure was going to continue till I found this book and it was every bit as witty and heartwarming as the first. It was fully of adventure and loyalty, love and tenderness, hilarity and awe. Cymbeline Igloo is the best character from a children’s book I’ve read this year! He is so compelling as a character and his unique way of telling a story is both endearing and amusing. Adam Baron has created a special character, one who charms all and hopefully there will be another Cymbeline Igloo story soon!

Star Rating – ★★★★★

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