Rambles #2

This week went so quickly but I’m not entirely mad at it because it brings me closer to December.

I started this week off with a bang. After work on Monday, I walked – I kid you not – the 10 steps from my house to the neighbours opposite as they had signed for a package for me.

I didn’t realise that their driveway is half brick and half stone. It has been raining heavily and as I walked their driveway, my feet slipped off the edge of the brick half and I fell, slamming my side into a muddy puddle on the brick work. Massive pain followed but I had to pick myself up and knock on the door for my package.

I got back to my house and promptly burst into tears and reverted to a hysterical five year old. One panic attack and bath later, I felt a little better. I bruised my bum/thigh on my left side, grazed my elbow and my hand and opened a red hole on my knee.

On Tuesday, I woke up and promptly emailed work to tell them I wouldn’t be in. I did this for two reasons, (1) being that due to my muscle condition, my muscles had all seized from the fall on Monday and my neck and shoulder muscles were knotted with more pain than usual. (2) was that I had awoken with a migraine. It’s common practice for me to get a migraine the following day from an attack, it this one was making me feel sick and dizzy. I generally only take time from work when I have a migraine that makes me feel sick, dizzy or one that affects my vision.

I slept most of Tuesday.

On Wednesday I found out that most of the people in my office are ‘bah humbug’ people and don’t even want to participate in a free office lucky dip, where they don’t even have to contribute presents! I don’t really know why I was surprised, I’ve been working there for 4 years, I know how unchristmassy they are.

I attempted to listen to an audiobook having been sucked in by audibles Black Friday reduced price. I usually avoid audiobooks because I can never get my brain to turn off for more than two seconds. On conclusion of my experience with the book I tried listening to, I have come to the conclusion that I’ll only use audible for children’s books. I tried listening to ‘Then She Was Gone’ by Lisa Jewell but it gave me vivid nightmares on Wednesday night.

My nightmare, which had an element of deja vu – so I might have dreamt it before – took place in what I assumed was a collaboration of harrods and the natural history museum. Anyway, I was visiting with a group of nameless people – most people in my dreams are either nameless or faceless – but the skeleton of a young girl was found under the pay desk in the museum gift shop, which sparked a big investigation. From there my memory gets less vivid, I know there were armed forces and paranormal spirits but I don’t remember how the nightmare ended.

I tried listening to the book on Thursday night but had the same resulting nightmares, so I’ll not be finishing that. Funny how I can easily read crime and thriller books, more gruesome or delicate than the audiobook but something about listening to the words gave me such anxiety and weirded me out completely.

Confession – yes I did buy books in the Black Friday sale, but I’ll wait until next weeks ramble/haul post to reveal what I got…

On Thursday I launched my Etsy Shop ‘Lucy’s Craft Treasures’ (Lucy is my middle name). Where I am selling hand painted boxes with free-hand drawn pattens atop them. I have already had my first sale 😊 It’s only selling to the uk and is rather small, but I am proud of it. It started as a diy Christmas project that sparked 6 months of hard work. If you want to check it out, please do: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LucyscraftTreasures

End of the week now and I’m practically buzzing. I’m known at work for being super Christmassy. Last year my desk was transformed into a Christmas grotto. This year I went for a little quieter theme but still detailed.

Let me know if you’re a Christmas office decorator too!

This weekend, I’m taking my mum to a frame shop to pick out a frame as part of her Christmas present and, very excitingly, I’m picking up soup from Sainsbury’s! There is also a school Christmas fair that I’m helping my mum with but hopefully I’ll get some reading done on Sunday!!

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