Ramble #3

For better or for worse, I have survived this week! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have survived it all!!! I generally thought I’d never get past all the stress and anxiety I’ve been dealing with the last month and a half, the tunnel was very dark for a long time!

I didn’t manage to read any books this week either – full on slacking in that department – but I did buy 3 more books….

I have another confession to make, I didn’t just buy books in the Black Friday sales, I also bought 3 puzzles because I love doing puzzles and I was down to my last two undone ones. I’ve always done puzzles with my family and it has been something I’ve still enjoyed as an adult. Gibson’s do a great range of puzzles called ‘I love…’ I’ve already done their ‘I love Summer/Spring/Winter/Autumn’ puzzles and loved all of them.

I got this one ‘I Love Pets.’

‘I Love Gardening’:

And ‘Mudracers’:

I LOVE funny puzzles!

Home life and work life have been incredibly stressful as of late and it has definitely impacted me in ways I wasn’t expecting. My outlook in life has been particularly morbid recently but I think I can safely say that I have come out the other side of things and look forward to getting back on track once more.

Monday was a relaxing day spent in town shopping with my Mum – hence the 3 books I bought!

I had a weird nap dream – when I had a migraine over the weekend – where I was stuck travelling the length of America with the Plant Director of my office. Except, America was a desert wasteland – think Mars/apocalyptic mess – and we were travelling in an old and rusted yellow ford car. The travelling went on forever without ever stopping and it was so confusing!!

I have started to read ‘Prophesy’ and ‘Possession’ by Peter James, loving both so far, but not managed to finish anything yet. So far, November was my worst month for reading but December might come in a close second if I don’t get my act together.

I only have 6 days of work left before we break for Christmas – thanks to having some holiday days I needed to take – it cannot come soon enough. I actually have 3 weeks off at Christmas, the standard 2 and then I go skiing on the 4th Jan for a week. I won’t know how to wake up at 7:45am after those three weeks! (Although I reckon Dad would have me up at 6am skiing if he could!!)

This belated ramble sort of feels like it is petering out, I don’t have a definitive way of ending this one, mostly because my brain has been all levels of chaotic and even writing this is testing my patience. I’ve been doing a lot more colouring to reduce my stress and anxiety, I’m interested to know, what, if any, things you do to reduce stress/anxiety.

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