131. A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig


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If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away.
(Because this book is FULL of impossible things.)
Are you still reading?

Then let us begin…

Paperback | 272 pages

Publisher: Canongate Books (November 3rd 2016)

It’s Friday 13th and I came home to book mail from Waterstones, which I ordered. I haven’t managed to read a book this month yet, but from the first page of this, I knew I’d found something special. There are a lot of books that feature Christmas but not a lot about Christmas and this book had me feeling warm and fuzzy and laughing out loud by the end of the first chapter.

This was very easy to read, not just in terms of language and structure, but in the very unique and loud voice of Nikolas.

Nikolas is the heart of this story and brings forth that natural positivity only found in children. I mentioned above how unique and loud his voice was, I mean this because the words on the page danced across my eyes for a mere moment before I could hear Nikolas speaking them. It was a quick jump from reading the book to jumping into Nikolas’s world and coming along for the story.

Matt Haig spins a very detailed web of humour to showcase the difficult parts of Nikolas’s world and the pitfall’s of mankind. I almost found something to laugh about on every page and Chris Mould’s illustrations were so extraordinary and fitted the story so well, that I couldn’t imagine the characters as anything other than what they’d been illustrated as.

This was very easy to visualise from the illustrations to the description, it was an easy book to get into and get carried away by.

I was honestly coming to despair whether I would read a single book in December as I found myself slipping away from books. I only intended to read the first chapter of this but ended up reading the entire book in one sitting (3 hrs). The biggest compliment I can give of this book, is to recommend it to everyone I know because I truly believe that the magic in this book has an adventure to give to every reader, young or old.

Pretty sky high, definitely through the atmosphere. I loved every inch of this book and I smiled from beginning to end while reading. It made me feel all toasty inside and apart of something special. There is magic in words and there’s magic in this, and Christmas spirit, and an adventure waiting to be told.

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