137. Cold Heart Creek (Josie Quinn Book 7) by Lisa Regan

In the stark light of dawn, the young couple are laid out on their backs by the dying campfire, their hands clasped between them. Their eyes are open, but their hearts are cold…

When a park ranger stumbles across the bodies of Valerie and Tyler Yates by a creek in the small town of Denton, Detective Josie Quinn is first on the scene. Still reeling from the news that her abusive mother is dying, Josie suspects this is more than just accidental poisoning, and she’s right: someone jammed a crudely carved pendant necklace down Valerie’s throat before she died.

Combing the area, Josie’s team discover a third sleeping bag indicating there could have been an extra guest around the fire that night. A lucky escape? A missing victim? Or a suspect on the run? Finding this person is the key to the entire investigation…

Trawling the couple’s photo albums for clues, Josie can’t imagine why anyone might want to harm these smiling, carefree young lovers. Until a face in one of the pictures stops her in her tracks and leads her to a farmhouse hidden deep within the forest – a special place where people go to escape, and to hide. There they meet a young girl with frightened eyes and bandaged wrists who knows more than she is saying. But the next day she’s found dead, choked with a matching necklace…

With her mother’s life hanging by a thread, Josie has an impossible decision to make. But first she must find the meaning of the pendant and catch this twisted killer before another innocent life is taken. Is she already too late? 

Paperback | 336 pages

Publisher: Bookouture (28th November 2019)

This is the first book in the series that I read in paperback and not Kindle. I was so excited to read this and reading it on Boxing Day when the weather was wet and gloomy seemed perfect. My firth thoughts were ‘Josie Quinn has done it again.’

I found this very easy to read. It was like jumping back in with family.

What can I say about Josie Quinn that I haven’t already said? In this book, we see here dealing with more nightmares over her past as well as trying to solve her current case and keeping her family and friends in the dark over how she’s coping. I’m always surprised at Regan’s ability to keep me guessing about the culprits identity. I did have my suspicions early on which were later proved correct but there were so many unexpected moments and character developments that I wasn’t expecting.

It was easy to visualise this, the characters and settings are imprinted on my brain. It was easy to add in the new characters and scenes to my visualisation.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, e.g. for the series to disappoint me somehow. Of course, I don’t want to be disappointed but I’m shocked that I still continue to be amazed and surprised by the series – that doesn’t happen very often.

I loved reading this, it was just the distraction I needed from reality. I have so much love for Josie Quinn and for her series. I’m always grateful to have discovered this series and the author.

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