Travel Ramble – Tignes No. 3

I almost feel like giving myself a reward for remembering to blog about my holiday three days in a row! But then I remember the crepes I had for lunch and think I’ve been rewarded enough!

Update from yesterdays post:

After much research on the subject of ski boots, I concluded that my boots were either too big or too small as I was getting all the cramps and not feeling like I had enough support to push my shins against. I went to Intersport with my Dad to see what further advice could be given and I walked out with these:

Yep! I said goodbye to my seven year-old Fischer ski books and upgraded to these brand spanking new ones. They set me back £400 but my Fishcher ones had been £380 when I got them seven years ago, so I was quite happy with the price. I know it might seem mad to spend so much on ski boots when I usually only spend 1 week of the year skiing but having the correct footwear is so important for skiing. I skied for 3 years with hire boots before I took the plunge to buy my Fischer boots and it was the best decision I made. These boots are narrower to fit my feet snuggly, have the option at the top to widen the boot for the calve and have a switch on the back which can flick between ski and walking mode. Basically that means that when you flick it to walking mode, the boots become looser and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re walking around with a weighted ball and chain dragging behind you!!!

I tried to take a picture of the sunrise, but I’m not sure I was successful. The sky at the top is a little pink tho?!?

Onto today (Tuesday 7th), I was all prepared to ski today, got all my ski gear on and was excited to try out the new boots. I took about three steps outside, turned to my Dad and told him I was taking the day off. This was followed by crippling sick anxiety and high levels of guilt because I don’t like leaving my Dad to ski alone. However, I always take a day off from skiing, I had tried to wait and have my day off be Wednesday but my body said no. I have strained all the muscles in my neck and shoulders, the inside crease of my elbows, the muscles on the side of my calves and my knees a little dodgy.

My body just needed a rest and didn’t need to be pushed to the limits for a day. Sometimes having a day off can negatively affect my mood and bring me to a dark and depressive state but I managed to avoid that today. I washed all my thermals – so I’d have clean ones for the rest of the holiday – and then I spent most of the morning doing my very boring – but affective – muscle stretches and exercises in an attempt to work through the pain and loosen the muscles. I think I might purchase a compact muscle roller to bring with me next year.

I met my Dad for lunch at this crepe place close to the hotel. I didn’t take a picture of the crepes but they were so yummy. I did have a slight disagreement with my Dad that ended up in a small panic attack, but I’m not dwelling on that because it’s common for Dad and I to clash at least once while skiing, even at the age of 29, I don’t always get on with my Dad. The panic attack however, did leave me with a nasty headache that I’ve been battling this afternoon.

I tried to have a nap, which was somewhat successful. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but the one negative thing about the hotel is how hard the beds are. I managed about an hour of uninterrupted sleep before I gave up.

I’ve started to read ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelides – but I haven’t read enough yet to form a complete opinion of it.

I also hit up the SPAR and got 2 packets of French sweets to take to work, because, heaven forbid you return from a holiday without something for your colleagues. I’m serious, I’ve been hit with the full blast of grumpy attitudes when I came back from a holiday without sweets. It’s less hassle to just follow the flow in this case.

Heading back to the slopes tomorrow, weather still looks good and hopefully I’ll be able to put my new boots to the test. Also, I’ve now finished my course of antibiotics, so I no longer have to eat at certain times or make time to stop and take them, so that’s an added bonus.

This was last nights pudding – baked alaska with lime and (I think) mango sorbet. It was very nice anyway. I’m not having pudding tonight as the two options both had ingredients I detest. Pear & coffee. Gross.

Q – What desserts/puddings do you avoid?

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