Travel Ramble – Tignes No 4

I skied.

I wish that statement filled me with happiness but actually I’ve had a terrible day.

It took me about 3 hours to get down one run from the top to the bottom of the mountain. I was crying hysterically, suffering continuous panic attacks, swearing and angrily hating myself. I have tight calves, I’ve always had tight calves. In skiing, you’re flexing your calve muscles and for those with tight calves it can be particularly painful. I’ve always managed well with my pain but today I just couldn’t cope at all. I’m surprised my Dad didn’t push me off the mountain just to shut me up! I kept having to stop and take my boots of to massage my calves. FYI my new boots are great, really comfy and supportive, my pain had nothing to do with the boots.

Unsurprisingly, mood has been low today. Suffering multiple panic attacks has left me drained and moody. However, I had a lovely afternoon with my Dad, walking around the village and generally laughing and having a good time.

We found igloos, an ice castle & maze

I’m supposed to be on a book ban – because my tar shelves are currently double stacked thanks to Christmas – but I am terrible at sticking to not buying books. I’ve just bought 6…. (post to follow.) My Dad looked at me like I was crazy but then it takes my Dad a while to read a book.

I have read two of the four books I brought with me but I haven’t touched my kindle library. I tried this afternoon but my eyes were too sore 😦 I’m trying to save one book because our return flight is departing from Chambery airport which is tiny and apparently doesn’t have much to entertain! I checked, it has one restaurant and one shop!

I always spend the first part of a holiday loving it but usually around Thursday I start wishing for home, my dogs, friends, food & books. I think I land at about 6:45pm on Saturday but probably won’t be home till 9pm-ish. Sunday, I’d love to say I’ll be reading all day but I think I’ll have a lot of chores to do to prep for the coming week, like food shopping and clothes washing. I’m hoping to read 15 books in January so I shall have to start getting my act together and read instead of playing Xbox all evening!

I also have to start cycling 3 times a week on my indoor cycle bike – because I was very bad at doing it at the end of last year. I am too lazy to get up early before work to cycle but when I’m home from work I’m too tired to cycle. I tried challenging myself with rewards, like cycle for a week and buy a book but I ended up buying the book – or more than one – instead of doing any cycling.

Q – do you have any tips for keeping fit?

Mid mountain stop to swear loudly, fight with my ski poles and feel guilty about how ridiculous I was being

There a lots of dogs here. Several times today I saw something that I thought was hysterically funny. (it probably isn’t funny at all!) I saw several dogs on walks, eager to sniff a particular part of snow but when their owners tried to hurry them along, they resisted, usually on a patch of ice and for about 5 minutes, it was a slippery tug-of-war between the owner and dog which I just found extremely funny. I should have taken a video but I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I was blatantly people watching.

I also bought a shot glass. I collect them from every place that I’ve visited. I didn’t have one from Tignes because I didn’t like any of them last year.

Q – Do you collect anything?

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