#9 Dark House by Helen Phifer

 shadowy figure in the dark was dragging something heavy behind them. Lizzy pulled the covers over her head, then realised what was being dragged…

For years, the Moore Asylum housed the forgotten children of Brooklyn Bay. But now, a man is found murdered in the derelict building, strapped to a steel trolley, launching a heart-racing investigation for Detective Lucy Harwin

Lucy quickly discovers the victim was once a Moore Asylum doctor, and when a woman also linked to the home is killed on her doorstep, Lucy knows she must dig into its history. What dark secrets lie within the asylum’s walls – what was the scandal leading to its closure thirty years ago? 

With her own demons to fight, Lucy starts to uncover the heartbreaking tale of the Moore Asylum children, and begins to wonder: who will be the next victim?

Kindle | 312 pages

Publisher: Bookstore (24th March, 2017)

I was so excited to leap back into Helen Phifer’s work. I really enjoyed her Annie Graham series, but I didn’t like her book ‘The Good Sisters’ so much. As part of my Kindle spring clean and pushing through with reading more Kindle, I couldn’t wait to start reading this.

This was super easy to read. It was just a binge worthy detective murder, and one I read in one sitting.

I absolutely LOVE a good detective series with a strong female lead. I think it’s fantastic and I always find books like this super exciting to read. Lucy was an easy character to like, her worth ethic was strong and her determination to get to the bottom of things. She’s clearly a character with a past and has a strong foundation to work upon. I feel that I have met her in the perfect circumstances and it’ll be quite fun – I think – to watch her grow through the series.

I am in love with Mattie. I think he’s a fantastic character. Not going to lie, I’m so rooting for him and Lucy to be a couple. Not sure if that will ever happen but I so want it!!

I found this very easy to visualise this story. I found the characters to be incredibly rich on information and detail, that made them fully rounded but still with room to grow. The murder scenes were well constructed and detailed enough for me to visualise with perfect clarity and overall I found that I could visualise everything very well.

The book was very clever in keeping me guessing between two characters as to who was the guilty culprit. I enjoyed all the added bits, Lucy’s family, Mattie’s private life, the extra characters all had moments to shine and share their backstories. It made for a pretty interesting read, having all the characters slip in and give their two cents. This is a proper binge worthy book, I mean, I read it in only 4 hours and was pretty gripped to what I was reading. I think I’ll go straight into reading the second in the series – even though it’s not in my Kindle library yet!

Perfect reading for a gloomy rainy day. Perfectly binge worthy. Perfectly gripping. I LOVED this, I thought it was fab! Really, I’m so happy I enjoyed this after not liking ‘The Good Sister’s’, this is the Helen Phifer I love. My enjoyment level was pretty high for this read and I never felt like the story was moving too fast or too slow. It just felt like it was moving as it should and that everything was being revealed as it should. I enjoyed the way it kept me guessing and the way it kept revealing enough to make the reader theorise but not enough for the reader to guess. I enjoyed the story from the past that ran parallel with the current story. This was very entertaining to read, definitely go and read this!

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