3 Fact Book News – 12/02/2020

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! It doesn’t seem like I’ve done any reading at all!

I collected a lot of book this week, or rather, I got a lot of book mail but none of it was for me. I was being proactive in ordering books for birthdays and Christmas 2020. I restricted myself from buying any books for my own pleasure. I’m trying very hard to read what is on my shelf before I buy any more books!

I haven’t discarded any books this week but I am reading one that I’m finding difficult. What I thought was the third book in a series, is actually the prequel. It’s difficult for me to read because the characters are already cemented in my mind and the way they’re presented in this prequel portrays them as characters I don’t recognise. It’s hard going, not going to lie, I’ve read about five chapters and have now taken a break from it because I’m so confused by the characters and what is happening. I always prefer to read in chronological order – chronological book order, not chronological publication order.

I have not finished reading a book yet this week! (Shock & Horror, I know.) I’ve just been super busy doing other things with my evenings.

I’m still currently reading :-

The Plea by Steve Cavanagh – Book two in the series. I’m now 1/3 of the way through.

Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager – I actually haven’t picked this up since last week, so I’m still only 1/4 of the way through.

Don’t Even Breathe by Kieth Houghton (Kindle) – I’ve read a fair few chapters of this and am enjoying things so far.

The Girl from the Sea by Shalini Boland (Kindle) – I started reading this last week and my attention was captured, but as I’ve read more my attention has dwindled. I will try and persevere with it though.

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