3 Fact Book News – 20/02/2020

Another week that is passing much quicker than I would like! It’s also another action packed one. I just wish it would stop raining! I also wish the air pressure would lift a little, I’m getting sick of the headache pain. There is only so much a paracetamol can do before I have to give in and get something carby or sugary. Considering I’ve cut those both out, it’s not something I want to give into.

I don’t tend to take time off work with a migraine unless it’s affecting my vision or making me sick. Otherwise, I’d be off every week! I am actually on medication for my migraines and they aren’t as bad as they used to be. Before the medication I had about 4 migraines a week and my soul was slowly being sucked from my body. Since being on the medication, my migraines have been cut dramatically. I only get migraines now from; low air pressure, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and iron attacks. I’ve dealt with daily headaches for over a decade, so can mostly numb the pain.

Anyway, lets get onto the book news.

You might have seen my ‘mini book haul’, bought in a moment of mad boredom. I feel like I should have a taser installed on me that shocks me when I’m bored and try to spend money!

The four books I got for my Kindle are totally impulse. I haven’t heard of any of the authors before, I haven’t read any of their other works, I was purely drawn to them for their covers and blurbs. Amazon has been doing a good job recently of recommending good books to me.

  • Little Girls Sleeping (1) by Jennifer Chase
  • Her Last Whisper (2) by Jennifer Chase
  • Don’t Tell Teacher by Suzy K Quinn
  • Heart Lands by Kerry Watts

Have you read any of these? Let me know!

I haven’t discarded any books this week but I am still struggling with ‘The Girl from the Sea’ by Shalini Boland. I’ve shelved it in my kindle for the moment. I might come back to it later.

Finally finished ‘The Plea’ by Steve Cavanagh, it took me long enough!

I’m 50% through reading ‘Little Girls Sleeping’ by Jennifer Chase.

I started reading Helen Phifer’s ‘Last Light’ but I didn’t realise that it was the prequel to the two books I’ve already read. I’m finding it very confusing. I’m not sure if I’ll continue reading it.

I’m about to start reading ‘The Lost Magician’ by Piers Torday.

I’m very aware that I’ve only read 11 books so far this year. It’s causing me more anxiety than you would imagine. I just haven’t felt like reading anything on my tbr shelves and I feel guilt every time I look at them. I’m a mood reader and I only realised recently that I’m not the only one who reads that way! (I generally thought it was another oddness unique to me.)

I managed to dedicate a whole evening last night to read! I was so impressed with myself. I won’t get a chance to read in the evenings now until Sunday, so I guess I better make the most of Sunday! I’ve read 4 books this month. It’s wishful thinking to hope I read 6 more in Feb, so I’ll settle for reading 3 more.

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