Ramble #12

I’ve definitely mentioned it before…but did you know…


All jokes aside, this Ramble is coming a little late because I was so busy last week!

My actually birthday was Thursday 27th Feb, I was working but I was also blown away by the generosity and kindness of my friends and work colleagues, and of their thoughtfulness in the presents I was gifted.

When I was 21 I had a terrible party where I invited all of my university friends and only 2 turned up. The excuse that was given, was that the dissertation deadline was too close. My birthday is in February…the dissertation deadline was in May. It was further proved that I didn’t have good friends when they all came out for another’s birthday 2 weeks later. So, I vowed to myself that by the time I turned 30, I would have surrounded myself with good friends. Friends where the friendship I had for them wasn’t one sided. I now have a wonderful group of friends who are not only my friend, but I am also their friends. It’s important to be able to tell the difference and for a long time, I couldn’t.

So, after blushing my way through all the presents and taking a moment to recognise the feelings of gratefulness and kindness, my parents then took me out to dinner. We’ve been going to the same Italian for 7 years now, so it was special that I got to celebrate my 30th birthday there with my parents.

On the Friday, I only worked half a day and in the afternoon, I went into town with my Mum to get my birthday balloons for my evening party. I also purchased three books because, they were 3 for £5 and really, it would have been rude not to. I also got a colouring book and some slime – because I like to keep my hands busy when I’m anxious or panicked.

My party on Friday evening went very well. Everyone who came seemed to have a great time and they were all awed by the level of organisation and thought I’d put into the event. I joked with them that my OCD and anxiety demanded nothing less than a perfect party. I did want it to be a party to remember. I had got blow up frames, photo props and funny face masks that I’d dotted on the tables. There were three quizzes that people could do through the evening: ‘How Well Do You Know The Birthday Girl?’, ‘Does The Birthday Girl Prefer This or That?’, and ‘Ever or Never -Birthday Girl Edition.’

I also had party bags for all my guests. I remember loving party bags as a kid and I wanted to combine nostalgia with things that I enjoyed. Each party bag came with a guide that read:

Nostalgia: bubbles, finger monster, bouncy ball, duck noise maker, party popper.

Things that I love –

Alcohol – Limoncello

Sweet – Lollopop

Crafts – Washi Tape

Fandom – Harry Potter Sticker

The Doctor is in Box – Plaster, 2 paracetamols, & gum.

People seemed to really enjoy them, so it was another party success.

I had this amazing cake that we got from Marks and Spencer. It was a six layer rainbow cake. I chose it because it had minimal frosting, – I’m not a fan of buttercream – and knew I could eat this without having to scrape away. It is delicious! There was so much of it left that I had to bring it into work for people to eat. I’d recommend getting a cake from Marks and Spencer, took the hassle right out and everyone commented on how pretty it looked and how good it tasted.

I’ve already posted about all the books I got for my birthday, but outside of books, I was very lucky to receive some wonderful gifts. My parents got me a beautiful silver necklace with a gold ball inside. It jingles. I kept thinking a dog was following me, and then remembered it was the necklace – this happened more times than you would think! My sister also got me jewelry, matching star necklace and bracelet. I got some other lovely pieces of jewelry from friends.

One of my other obsessions/addictions is playing games on my Xbox. I love puzzle games, first person games etc. I’m most often caught playing the Assassins or Tomb Raider franchise. Although I’m currently working my way through Journey to a Savage Planet with a friend. I was lucky enough to get the new Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order, for my birthday. I played it a lot over the weekend, it’s puzzle orientated. The only thing that annoys me is that I can’t complete an area while I’m there, I have to come back later in the game when I have the required skill points. It irritates me because I like to complete areas and then move on, but that’s just my ocd playing up.

Between books and Xbox, I’m going into a self imposed hibernation, so I can devote time to these. So, no social outings for me!!!

I also got a Harry Potter Lego set for my birthday. It was the Hogwarts Express one. It took me 3 hours to put together and I time lapsed it – which made it into 24 seconds!

Now that my birthday is over and all exciting events have passed. March is looking decidedly empty which is great! Means I’ll have time to read and play Xbox and not worry about being social at all!!! Woohoo!!!

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