#25 The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd

We grow dragons. And I can tell you this – they’re a lot more trouble than cucumbers.

Poo in your dad’s porridge ✓

Chase your cat? ✓

Set light to your toothbrush ✓

But I can tell you something else. Their bright diamond eyes twinkle up at you. Their warm breath tickles your ear. And you’d better keep them a secret, because who wouldn’t want their own dragon?

Paperback | 207 pages.

Publisher: Piccadilly Press (14th June, 2018)

It’s the start of the Easter bank holiday weekend. It is too hot outside and I have a hay fever headache. I’m starting my day with this impulse buy. Everyone loves dragons…right?

Easier to read than having a pet dragon!

I saw Tomas as a rambunctious boy who found himself with a pet like no other. The book actually went a different way from what I had expected but I appreciated the way Tomas’s character worried about his friends and his Grandpa outside of his own dragon troubles. I feel like his story has only just started and that there is plenty more to be seen from him and Flicker.

Easy to imagine. The dragons were particularly vibrant in my minds eye.

This was great in that it was so easy to read and get into. It’s a short book but it sure did pack a lot in. This book has childlike charm, wit, daring, and adventure. It’s just the sort of book you expect a 7-year-old to enjoy – I know my nephew would probably love this.

Good fun! Occupied me as I read, distracted me from my headache. I had good character connection and even laughed out loud at a couple of moments.

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