#64 Save Her Soul by Lisa Regan

Just a little note – Hey everyone! I’ve changed the format of my reviews again. I’m constantly improving my technique and I hope you enjoy this new style

This series has so far given me so much life! I discovered it last year and it’s so exciting to be able to read about a strong female lead who does have life issues but is still a super boss when it comes to solving crime. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with this book because, so far, each book has focused on a certain character and I was kind of thinking that with all the main characters having been covered, where would the series move to now.

This is book nine in the series and I found it particularly interesting because it gave another glimpse into Josie’s life from the past and how she presented herself and acted in a time that was very difficult for her. It was also interesting to see the characters somewhat displaced with the flooding of the town, and that element brought in some unexpected results.

The characters of this book series have always felt real to me. Josie especially because she’s such a diverse character with many layers. She’s the sort of character that keeps on giving, even if you think she has nothing left to give. I find her character quite complex, but she is also easy to relate to and sympathise with.

My favourite part of this book was the flashback scenes because it gave me more insight into Josie’s character. Of course, I do know her quite well from reading the series, but her past isn’t something she will generally talk about because of all the bad that happened in it. I have always been curious about her relationship with Ray and how that developed from child, to teen, to young adult and some of that got to be explored here.

What I love about Lisa Regan is her ability to make a story so utterly gripping but write in a way that keeps the reader in the dark, yet also has a reveal that makes sense and isn’t too far-fetched. You always know with Regan’s work that the person responsible is going to be a character you’ve been introduced to. I’ve found recently that a lot of the crime books I’ve been reading have the person responsible written as someone who hasn’t actually been introduced into the narrative or as a person whose barely been mentioned.

I quickly fell in love with the Josie Quinn series and am happy to report that book nine is a stellar continuation of the series. I finished the book feeling very positive about it but also feeling sad that it had come to an end. I found this book to be very intense, there is a lot that happens in it and it seems like there are more intense action moments than there are moments of dull lulls. However, I think in this instance, it works. Josie Quinn is more emotional in this book because she is having to dive into her past and from reading the series, I know that’s not something she enjoys doing. So, the fast, intense action moments and even intense emotional moments make perfect sense with her coping mechanism and how she is working on being more open with those around her.

There is a drive in Josie Quinn that I don’t feel I’ve seen in many other female crime leads. She is someone who walks headfirst into danger no matter what the cost, but she also shows her shortcomings and difficulties with life in a way that easily connects the reader to the character and completely humanizes her. I think she presents as a very relatable character. There are parts of her personality that I associate with and it makes the reading experience more enjoyable.

In this case, there wasn’t anything with the book that left me feeling irritated or frustrated. It’s rare for me to consistently like every book in a series, but the Josie Quinn series is one of the few where I feel that each new book is better than the last. There is also the element of learning something new with each book that makes the experience more interesting.

This series by Lisa Regan is incredibly easy to read and to be able to immerse yourself in the story. I know when I read this book that I got a look of intense concentration on my face as I read, because I was so absorbed with the story that the real world faded into obscurity. This book was more emotionally charged for me, but I was working off of Josie’s emotions rather than it being my emotions that charged my reading. My interest was captured from the first couple of pages and with this series I am always interested in learning about Josie’s character from the time before she joined the police. This book gave me a look into that life in a way that hasn’t been explored yet and it was interesting to be able to add more depth to a character I already know so well.

This book and the series in general is the No. 1 book series I recommend to fellow readers, friends and colleagues. I just think it has everything needed to make a successful crime/thriller and for me personally, it is so rich in character development, curious crimes and an overflowing wealth of knowledge and suspects that I couldn’t turn my head away if I tried.

Even if you hadn’t read the rest of the series, and you started with this (book 9), you would still be able to read comfortably without the knowledge provided in the rest of the series. I’m sure you would be a little confused, but it could be done. Otherwise, this book is very easy to understand and to follow along. It picks up from the last book very nicely and inputs little extras to ponder on and change Denton as Josie works.

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