🚓White House Farm – Documentary Dramatization – Netflix – Episode 6 🚓

White House Farm – 6 Part Documentary Dramatization = Netflix

Part 6

The last part of this documentary dramatization hits hard, in my opinion and it deals with the tail end of the case and the subsequent trial at court. The way the filmed the court scenes were interesting, I felt like I was getting the opportunity to see both sides of the coin. I don’t think that was a court I could comfortably sit in and watch proceedings. The jury definitely had a big task on their shoulders.

It really did come down to whether you believe Jeremy or Julie. Now, this documentary dramatization, there is a lean towards showing Jeremy as the killer. Wikipedia shows a more unbiased view, and from the brief newspaper search I did, there seems to be some divide.

In other cases, the lack of evidence or the poorly conducted police investigation has been all that was needed to free someone who was wrongfully accused. That is usually when we see the above being used to any extent. I can understand how over the years, Jeremy’s supporters have repeatedly tried to appeal his case, but I can also understand why those appeals were denied.

So, down to my opinion, based on watching this series, and my own research into the case online, I believe that Jeremy is guilty.

Why? – I just don’t believe the ‘happily gift-wrapped package’ of a clean-cut murder-suicide without the proper investigation that was sadly missed. I feel that minds were clouded, people were lazy, communication didn’t hit and ultimately, that there was much of the Bamber family that no one was aware of.

It is more plausible to me that Jeremy is the killer and not Sheila. When one person says, ‘they’re lying’ you’re like, “ok, seems odd” but when that one person says, ‘they’re lying’ in the face of a horde of people saying ‘they’re not’, it reads as more than a little suspicious.

We’ll never know what actually happened and that is the blame that can never be returned.  I wouldn’t put the blame on any one shoulder because I think it is a collective blame that encompasses many more people than were featured in the documentary dramatization, or that were mentioned in the original investigation.

If you’re familiar with the White House Farm murders or have reached your own conclusions as to who is guilty, please let me know below. If you haven’t, would you watch the programme?

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