🎧War of the Worlds by H.G Wells | Narrated by: David Tennant

When Earth is invaded by Martians in great mechanical tripods, terror ensues. They are equipped with heat rays and poisonous black gas, intent on wiping out the human race. During the destruction, one man’s story details the monstrous invasion and his struggle to find his wife in the devastation.

This is a new one for me as I am dictating this review this is because my hand is wrapped up from surgery. On audible I have got the H.G wells science fiction collection. This collection includes the stories; The War of the Worlds narrated by David Tennant The Earth Under the Martians also narrated by David Tennant. The First Men in the Moon narrated by Alexander Valhos. The Time Machine narrated by Hugh Bonneville. The Invisible Man narrated by Sophie Okonedo. And lastly The Island of Doctor Moreau narrated by Jason Isaacs.

I have been listening to war of the worlds narrated by David Tennant. I have always wanted to read war of the worlds but knew that reading it would be very difficult for my brain to process. Until I found it on audible I had given up on even getting to read the book. audible has provided such a wonderful space for me to be able to listen to a lot of books that I would otherwise be unable to read.

I already knew a lot about war of the worlds three different TV and film adaptations. David Tennant has such a lovely reading voice. This is not a book that you can listen to while trying to fall asleep because you become completely involved in David tennant’s narration. I have just finished listening to book 1 of war of the worlds and it has been the perfect distraction from the itchyness that the cost around my hand is producing. Being able to listen to this first book has given me a lot more insight into war of the worlds that I couldn’t get from watching adaptations. H.G wells was a remarkable author whose books are as relevant now as they were when written.

I have found that with recent adaptations there has been an emphasis on creating a love story within the book perhaps to create an alternate storyline or deeper connection. However I believe this is unwarrented as the book has standard the test of time without the additions two recent adaptations. I will admit that I did actually fall asleep between chapters 13 and 16 but I did go back and listen to them again once I was awake.

There are always author’s who jump out of time and show us something extraordinary. We see this in people like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and H.G wells. To have such an extraordinary imagination and ability to put into words what only exists in ones own head. Hg wells proved himself not only a great author but a great storyteller and it says a lot about him that what he wrote is still relevant today.

I have greatly enjoyed listening to this book. It has provided a greater understanding of both the author and of the adaptations that I have seen over the years. I now understand war of the worlds with a much deeper understanding. I have enjoyed the flow of words and both the acts of action and calmness within the novel. David Tennant’s ability to push the reader into moments of adrenaline and moments of calm serenity well wonderful to be a part of. Going into the second book I look forward to a better understanding and to hear the words as H.G Wells intended.

I give this read: ✨✨✨✨

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