April 2022 – Life Update

I’ve been suffering – among other things – from readers block. I have the time to read. I have the books to read. I just can’t seem to read.

To be honest, it’s been pretty hectic the past couple of months. My hand is almost back to normal, my physio has signed me off and I just need to work on continuing my wrist exercises and I’ll have full movement back. It’ll take another 4-6 months for the scar to turn white. I have to continue massaging my hand daily, and use SPF lip salve on my hand when I go out into the sun.

I have been so tired recently. My body seems to be fighting an invisible infection. Meaning I don’t feel 100% but there is nothing around to cause me to feel such a way.

We have already established how much I like books and how I have an inability to stop buying them. But whenever I am feeling less like myself I always gravitate towards them more intently. Never mind the fact that I already bought 2 books yesterday! I went onto buy 3 books in the Kindle deals today.

Kindle books has this infuriating (but great marketing) tactic of showing me books with fantastic blurbs and covers that turn out to be the 4th, 5th, 6th in series.

Of course, when I go to look at the first in the series, if I don’t like the blurb, I don’t buy it. These three however, peaked my fantasy.

You can check them out on Amazon here:

I’ve been working all day with a dog on my lap which you might think is cute but actually I’ve just come up with elaborate ways to work around my dog as sitting at a desk with a laptop doesn’t really go hand in hand with having a sleeping dog on your lap!

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