📖Kings of Chaos (Dirty Broken Savages Book 1) By Eva Ashwood

I was a good girl once, but now I dance with devils.

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I wear vengeance like a suit of armor.

I’ve got a list with six names on it. Six people who wronged me, who hurt me, who took everything from me. Six people who turned me into the monster I am now.

And I’ve crossed off every name but one.

One more name. One more death. Should be simple, right?

Yeah, you’d think so. But it turns out revenge is a messy business, and when I end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, I royally piss off four brutal, twisted, gorgeous men.

Gage, Priest, Ash, and Knox.

Lucky for me, the last name on my list is someone they’ve got their own grudge against, so instead of killing me, they offer me a deal. They’ll give me a chance to exact my vengeance, and in exchange, all they want is…


I’m not stupid. I’ve played this game before. Even though they’ve agreed to help me, I know they want to punish me too. They want to toy with me. To let their demons loose on me.

But maybe these Kings of Chaos have let my pretty face fool them.

Because I’m just as vicious as they are. And I’ve got demons of my own.

Hot and heavy. This book is filled with sex and violence. The book showcases heavy topics so TW advised. This isn’t the kind of book you recommend to you mum!!

I was going to give myself a break after finishing the Breakers quartet but that lasted all of a day before I started reading this. Instead of relying on a spicy book to land on my TikTok fyp, I went out looking for ones. This is one of a few books I got.

This story follows the character of River as she tries to finish the mission she’s on. On the way she meets the ‘Kings of Chaos’, Gage, Knox, Ash, and Priest. The chapters change P.O.V between the five a lot through the book but luckily the chapters titles clue you into whose P.O.V you are reading.

When I mentioned the TW above – don’t take that lightly! This is a dark book and the characters are drenched in darkness. None of them are seeking redemption. There is no love or kindness within the pages. There is plenty of raw emotions, roughness, and animalistic tendencies.

The book has more emphasis on cramming in as much sex as possible into it than it has at establishing a reverse harem but as this is book 1 of 4 I expected that.

Surrounding all the sex is a deep dive into River. Why she is doing her mission, how it started, and what she’s endured to get there. River is a very realistic character fuelled by violence and vengeance. Her thoughts and actions are perfectly blended to her past in a way that I think most authors would shy away from.

She makes no apology for being the way she is and for coping as she does. I think it makes her more powerful because from her past she has moulded a present that shows her to be a fighter and someone who won’t ever give up.

Again, I mentioned before about the sex and violence and they really go hand-in-hand together. It’s not just River who benefits from the relationship between the two actions but also the 4 Kings of Chaos.

Each of the men are carefully crafted to be individual but also cohesive together. As a reader we don’t learn much about their backgrounds here but again, with 3 books left to go, I’m sure we will.

Just when the pages were starting to dwindle and my kindle was showing 96%, I started wondering if everything would be sown up nicely. Believe it or not, when I started reading this I didn’t realise it was the first of a series. I thought I was reading a standalone novel. When the plot is said and done and you’re just looking for loose ends to be tied up, you aren’t expecting anything.

I tell you something…the cliffhanger was FIRE!

I give this spicy book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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