2022 Reading Goal – Completed

It may have escaped your notice – and I can’t even remember if I stated what my book goal was for this year -but I have now completed it. Actually, I completed it a couple of books ago.

After the high of reading 130 books in 2019, my reading through 2020, and 2021 suffered greatly. I can blame that on a many number of things but I ended up feeling so stressed over not living up to my own goals and not posting regularly on here on instagram that I seriously considered whether to continue contributing to the book community.

In 2022 by book goal was to read 30 book. I decided to combined books with audiobooks and keep just 1 list for tracking my progress. The need to track the progress wasn’t just good book keeping, it helps soothe my OCD, so it’s a practice I look forward to and YES – my spreadsheet is colour-coded!!

The first book finished this year was actually an audiobook ‘Anna Winslow: The Untold Story’ that I listened to one cold January day.

The book that completed my challenge was ‘The Ocean Squid Explorer’s Club’ by Alex Bell (the 4th in a series).

This year I have listened to classics, I’ve listened to true crime, I’ve listened to Podcasts. I’ve read children’s books, crime books, crime thriller books, and most recently, dark reverse harem books.

My current count of read books is 39. Goodreads has it a little lower but I couldn’t add all my audiobooks onto Goodreads.

There are still 4 months of the year left to go. I have more physical books in my flat than I probably should and I have far to read before I make a dent in that. I have a lot of Kindle books and audiobooks to work my way through also. I’d rather have too many than too little.

The question is how many reads can I still fit into 2022? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine!!

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