📖Ryan Rule (New York Ruthless Book 1) by Sadie Kincaid

Jessie Heaton is a fearless, flame-haired computer hacker. Independent and feisty, she’s relied on no-one but herself since the age of sixteen.

Working for the Russians, she is finally close to getting the one thing she wants most in life, when she’s stopped in her tracks by the notorious Ryan brothers.

The Ryans are Irish Mafia. They are unstoppable. No-one stands in their way. And nothing comes between a Ryan and his family.

That is, until the hurricane that is Jessie, crashes into their lives. With a world full of secrets and a past that she can’t outrun, will she be their salvation or their downfall?

So, my new favourite thing to do is read a smutty romance/reverse harem book in between my murder books. It lightens the atmosphere. The only problem is I either get so involved with the smut that I read an entire series without stopping, or I get so involved in reading the murder that I read an entire series without stopping! It’s a vicious cycle.

I had high hopes for this book based on Amazon and Goodreads reviews but man was I disappointed!! It started off strong as well – though this storyline is incredibly similar to Eva Ashwood’s series ‘Dirty Broken Savages’ – but as soon as the MC Jessie was in the home of the Ryan brothers, her interesting story disappeared.

The majority of the book was more ‘porn without plot’ than anything else. Jessie even stopped hacking, which was one of her interesting backstories and just became a woman in need of a good fuck.

Some of the parts of this book felt so unrealistic I wondered if a man had written this!!

The only saving grace was the ending which brought back the backstory from the beginning. Again, elements of it were predictable. The more I read these gangster reverse harems the more I see the structure is the same. I’m all for finding what works but for goodness sake – give me some diversity, some surprise, a challenge even!

I did debate whether to continue reading this 4 book series. This wasn’t a stellar read for me. I’ve given up reading books for less.

I think that, while the characters actions weren’t realistic and their emotions too quick, that ending intrigued me because it left a spark in its wake. It made me believe that there was more to this series than being a predictable bore.

I may be foolish chasing a spark, but I’m going to give the second book a chance…Hopefully I won’t regret it.

I give this mediocre book: ✨✨✨

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