📖Fight Dirty (Black Rose Kisses Book 1) by Eva Ashwood

In Fairview Heights, there’s one rule everyone knows. Don’t cross the Black Rose gang. Not if you want to live.

My father broke that rule.

Now he owes the notorious Black Roses a favor, and to make sure he pays up, they’re taking me as collateral. Until Dad completes whatever job they gave him, three gang members will be my keepers.

Sloan, Rory, and Levi.

The boss’s son.
The man with a secret.
The flame from my past.

They’re all dominant, cocky, and hot as hell, and I know from personal experience that one of them is a damn good lay.

But none of that matters. They shouldn’t be allowed to run people’s lives like this, and I don’t plan on letting them get away with it. If they’re looking for a pawn in their little game, these guys picked the wrong girl.

Because my dad raised me to be a fighter.

And I fight dirty.

Another Goodreads recommendation but I am already familiar with the author having read through the Kings of Chaos series.

The MC here is Mercy, giving herself willingly over as collateral against her Dad’s bad choices. As I’ve discovered, reverse harem books usually contain multiple point of views, but this book differed in only giving Mercy’s point of view.

The Black Rose is the gang that controls half the city and Sloan, Levi, and Ryan are the three Mercy becomes intimately acquainted with.

Mercy had spunk in her and she was also a realist. With the feelings she had for the tree men, she didn’t become less than or more than she was. Her character had good consistency.

Unlike the book I read previously, there wasn’t ampules of mystery nor was the base driven plot so demanding. There was however, a good mix between the plot and the spicy content.

While it was enjoyable watching Mercy give into her desires, it was also rewarding that her character wasn’t compromised. Her character stood her own ground and would still stand without the spice.

For various reasons, the man around her are possessive AF and while there are hints to the reasons of this, it’ll be interesting to see this develop.

The foursome was, I believe starting to come together but the ending of this book has changed the road Mercy stands on, so going forward it’ll be interesting to see what challenges and twists shape the group but also what Mercy does with the information she’s just received.

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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