📖Vicious Kings (The Dark Elite Book 1) By Eva Ashwood

They say the devil goes by many names, and I know four of them:
Ciro, Hale, Zaid, and Lucas.

My father was once a powerful player in the Chicago underground, but six years ago, he left that life behind.

We changed our names.
Our identities.
Our lives.

The ghosts of the past never forgot him though. They never forgot me.

Dad promised me we were safe, but I should’ve known that was just another one of his lies.

The past always finds you, and mine finds me on my wedding day when four brutal, dangerous men drag me from the altar in a hail of gunfire.

Four men who used to be four boys.
Four boys I cared about.
Four boys I left behind.

They’re not the same boys I knew though, and whatever we may have once been to each other, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because they’re only one thing to me now:

My captors.

I got this book in as a set of the 3 Dark Elite Books on Kindle Unlimited.

Honestly, it was a perfect read for today because I had to get up at 6am and drive to Birmingham for a training day. The drive back the same day took 3 hrs! In-between working and having an iron attack – reading this kept me going.

I think it’s obvious that reading spicy books is my new obsession. I do get very narrow minded on obsessions sometimes. My most recent obsession is houseplants but now I’m running out of space for them…my attention has switched. I’ll most likely read this genre obsessively for a couple of months before it simmers down and my genres expand once more.

In this book the MC is Grace. The four Adonis’s are: Hale, Ciro, Lucas, and Zaid. The book is set in Chicago and the for men are part of the Novak Syndicate (mafia).

The book starts off with a bang, literally pulling us into the action and it’s a hot minute before we get a chance to relax and take in everything that has happened. It pretty much sets the pace of the book. Heavy with mistrust, suspicious, and a lot of hottness.

Grace gets pulled back into the world she left six years ago and gets confronted with the four men she had crushes on as a teen. There is a lot to unpick between the five of them and there are references to their past friendships but always with an element of bitterness and anger.

Grace is both captive and willing. She flits between the two as she tries to make sense of what is happening and where that puts her. She has to deal with grief, anger, guilt, embarrassment, fear, etc., to remain standing on the ground.

The book classes itself as an ‘enemies to lovers’ book but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. No one starts off hating each other at the beginning of the book, it’s more like there have been communication errors and no one is willing to tell their truth less it confirm suspicions.

The men are well defined as characters and each unique in their own right.

Hale is the son of the leader. He’s surly, quick to anger, stubborn, but we also find out through his own point of view chapters, that his inner voice is toxic to himself, berating and putting himself down.

Ciro is quiet and blank. He is the most changed from what Grace remembers and it’s clear that whatever happened to him was bad. Seeing any type of emotion from him felt like a win. Out of the four of them, Ciro has the most to overcome but I’m sure Grace will be able to pull him from his shell.

Lucas and Zaid are twins but they’re still very much their own person. They both shared a moment with Grace in the past and still hope it could be more. Their point of view chapters are very informative and show off the differences between them while still recognising that they come as a pair.

The ending of this book was a twist I didn’t see coming and it brought back that adrenaline action that opened the book. It was thrilling to see Grace through the emotions and into acceptance because she spent the whole book trying to get away from the men. Watching her come apart was rewarding, it showed her growth as a character.

Bring on book 2!

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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