📖Love Me (WITSEC Book 3) by Ashley N. Rostek

Colt is my comfort.

He’s the first one to hold my hand when life becomes hard.

Creed is my support.

He always has my back, is always ready to help me battle the world or my insecurities.

Keelan is my joy.

He effortlessly makes me laugh and exudes a light even when days become dark.

Knox is my strength.

He holds me together even when I want to break.

Each of my guys is a great man and each fills a missing piece of my broken soul.

I’m falling in love with them. Maybe I already have. The question is, do they love me back?

I’d cherish every moment if they did. It’s what you do when you hear a clock constantly tick in the back of your head. I know it’s my gut warning me that I’m on borrowed time. Something bad is going to happen.

And my gut has never been wrong.

Trying to finish up reading some series before the year ends. Didn’t realise that the last book in this series isn’t out till August 2023!! Not sure how I’ll survive till then not knowing how things will end.

In this book things get more complicated for Shiloh. Forget Mr X, Sheriff McAlastair is on the hunt to make Shiloh’s life hell. I get the trope of small town sheriff’s being corrupt, and it was certainly compelling to read. The Sheriff’s input to this book raised him from a recurring status to main character energy. I mentioned before about a character only being able to take so much before they broke but the plot avenue fitted with the characters. There were other aspects that seemed too much to me.

I mentioned in my review of book 2, how odd Logan appeared as a character. He is featured in this book a lot more. Many of his actions are put down to being from desperation or grief. To me, his behaviour is neither, it’s manipulative, cold-hearted, and unpleasant. It’s the acts of a selfish and uncaring person. Grief affects us all differently, whether in real life or in the pages of a book and I’m not disputing that. This just seemed too extreme that it didn’t fit with any of the characters.

His presence seemed to illicit more shock and awe value than anything else.

As for spice factor, it wasn’t too hot but it was a slight step up from the previous book. In this series the spice is secondary to the plot which is refreshing as that isn’t often the case.

This book allowed us to see more sides of Shiloh. In that, she committed herself to living in the moment and enjoying life outside of her men. She has good friendships with Ethan and Isabella, and I think those relationships help to ground her and give her a sense of security.

I felt this book was a turning point for Shiloh as she worked more or her therapy sessions and being more open with her men. There was also more vulnerability shown, not just with her but also with Colt, Creed, Keelan, & Knox.

The final chapters danced to the beat of a faster drum and caused an emotional reaction to reading it. The cliffhanger perfectly opens the door for the final book. It’s just a shame I’ll have to wait so long for it!

I give this book: ✨✨✨✨✨

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