19. The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

Another book from my Waterstones book haul. I was intrigued by the book cover and the short reviews from other authors on the first page.

Synopsis (as taken from the back of the book) is as follows:

When their plane crashes, four children are stranded in the Amazon jungle. Now they have to survive alone. But was someone there before them?

Ability to read – It was easy to get into this book and read it. I was looking to distract myself from a ghastly head cold and I was able to easily slip away with the language of this book and be transported to another time and place. The language was easy to understand and I could follow the story plot very well. As a children’s book, I knew I probably wouldn’t find any problems with it (though I sometimes do) and was impressed with the style of the book.

Characterisation – I thought all four main characters to be very unique and different. Their voices blended as one but also stood out as individual characters. I saw depth to the characters as they moved through the story and each offered a unique perspective on what was happening throughout the story. I thought they each showed great bravery and strength while travelling through the books plot and it was interesting to see them evolve and develop as the pages turned.

Visualisation – It was easy to visualise this book. The flow of the words and the illustrations on certain pages made it easier to fall into the imagination and see what was happening with my own eyes. I thought it was wonderfully written and was able to take me away for a few hours as I immersed myself in jungle life and forgot all about being bunged up with a cold virus and huddled in bed.

Uniqueness – I thought this book was different. I wouldn’t have pegged that an adventure story with such young characters would have been so thrilling and dynamic. Yet, my assumptions of this book were blown away within the first few chapters. I was very surprised by this story and how much it hooked me in.

Apologies for the small gap between posts, I was, as I’ve stated above sick with a cold virus. I am now getting over that virus and will be back to posting reviews as I finish reading books.

Hannah xoxo

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