Weekend Catch Up

By the time this is posted I will be in the French Alps, in Tignes, probably exhausted from travelling and about to find somewhere to eat lunch.

This week has been full of extreme highs and lows, a couple of books and a lot of Xbox and sleepless nights.

I didn’t get to read the two books I’d set aside for this week, instead I went rogue and read something else. The week was marred from the incident on Monday night where I burned my dominant hand with boiling microwaved food….and smashed a bowl on the floor.

I cried the house down, had a very large panic attack and couldn’t really use my left hand for the rest of Monday evening and all of Tuesday. Tuesday was a horrific day where my anxiety overwhelmed me and I have a complete breakdown, so we’ll leave it at that.

I have, obviously picked out the books I’m going to take skiing with me. It was hard to choose, and I ended up going with books that were small in size so that my carry on/suitcase wouldn’t be too heavy. I’m taking 6 books which is probably a little ambitious but I always like a challenge.

Unfortunately, I have to get up very early on Saturday morning, 2:30am for a taxi pick up at 3. My flight leaves at 6am, so I suspect I’ll be very groggy and grumpy until I’m on the plane where I can sleep.

Here is a very small and slightly blurred ski map of the area I’m going to. Hopefully the weather will be good – sunny days – and the snow will be plentiful.

This week had World Book Day in it, which I almost forgot -.- So I was jolly happy around the office and thankfully my happiness about the day lasted for the majority of it – even though no one I know or work with reads…

I probably won’t be posting next week as I’ll be enjoying my holiday. So expect an increase in post from the 18th onwards.

I’ll leave you with this nifty picture to enjoy 🙂

Hannah xoxo

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